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Woman with rare genetic condition becomes famous on social media because she can bring her shoulders together in front of her chest

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A woman’s shoulders may meet in the middle of her body because she was born with a rare condition that left her without a collarbone.

Danielle Lewis, 33, from Cannock, Staffordshire, England, was born with cleidocranial dysplasia, a rare genetic condition that affects the teeth and bones, which in turn can affect the spine, skull, collarbones and legs.

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Danielle was born without a collarbone and has a unique party trick that she shows off on social media, where she can bring her shoulders together, as reported by the Daily Mail.

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“There are only 17 families in the world that have this gene and we all meet once a year,” Danielle said. She also said that she has passed the rare condition on to all three of her children: Ruby Angel, 13, Lily Grace, 12, and Max Thomas, six, who also share her fascinating ability to touch her shoulders.

The woman who can bring her shoulders together in front of her chest

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“People are very surprised when they see us doing our trick. It’s not every day you see someone touching shoulders, so I think it’s even more impactful when some of us get to do it together,” she revealed.

He also related that “they always want to try it themselves, since they seem to think they can do it too. He makes us laugh. He is a 50/50 gene and I was hoping not to pass it on to my kids, because I was bullied sometimes when I was younger.”

This genetic condition affects the teeth, so she had to have surgery when she was 11 years old to remove all her milk teeth and wait for the others to come out. “Now I have crooked teeth,” she detailed.

“But over the years I’ve gotten tough and now I don’t care what people think of me. I want to be like that for my daughters too because I want them to live a free and happy life, and not feel the same as me.”

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What is cleidocranial dysplasia?

Cleidocranial dysplasia is a condition that primarily affects the development of bones and teeth. People with cleidocranial dysplasia usually have underdeveloped or absent clavicles.

Cleidocranial dysplasia occurs in approximately one in every million people worldwide. It is likely to go undiagnosed because many affected people have mild signs and symptoms.

Cleidocranial dysplasia is usually caused by mutations in the RUNX2 gene. This gene provides instructions for making a protein that is involved in the development and maintenance of teeth, bones, and cartilage.

Signs include, but are not limited to:

  • Delayed or non-closing closure of the fontanelles, the soft spots between the skull plates in babies
  • A wide, flat or protruding forehead.
  • Ear problems, including ear infections and sometimes hearing loss
  • Baby teeth that don’t come out on their own
  • Impacted permanent teeth that may be encased in bone and unable to grow on their own
  • Short stature
  • short fingers
  • Incompletely formed or missing collarbones (clavicles), sloping shoulders
  • Extra or missing ribs


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