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The dark and terrible meaning of the elements included in the Balenciaga campaign photos that were withdrawn due to strong criticism from users

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Just a few hours ago, Balenciaga publicly apologized for using children, sadomasochistic items and child pornography documents for promotional photos for his latest campaign, which was directed by Gabriele Galimberti and was intended to sell home accessories.

We take this matter very seriously and will be taking legal action against the parties responsible for the creation of the set and the inclusion of unapproved items for our Spring 23 campaign photo shoot. We strongly condemn the abuse of children in any of its forms. We defend the safety and well-being of children

He indicated the Spanish firm through Instagram stories.

Despite the fact that the campaign was withdrawn by this luxury brand, people’s concerns continue and, on social networks, theories have been spread about the images that were part of a series of projects called ‘Toy Stories’.

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Even satanic elements were discovered by users of social networks in the Balenciaga campaign.

The dark meaning of the Balenciaga campaign

Some netizens noted aspects that were disturbing, as they claim that the children in the snapshots appear to be the center of some kind of magical and dark ritual.

This is because the set made use of typical altar elements such as the fire from the candles, the earth from the metal items, the water from the cups and the air present in the rabbit-shaped incenses.

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“What is also very rude and uncomfortable is putting these models next to chains and tape. Let’s exercise our brains and the connotation becomes horrible”, is what some of the users of the social network Twitter indicate.

In addition, the campaign also has decorations based on the different lunar phases and other astrological symbols, which in witchcraft can mean the increase of magic or that a high-level magical event is taking place, according to netizens.

Another characteristic and main element of the rituals is the higher entity that is praised, which is present in a drawing used in the set of images.

Although these theories have not been confirmed by the Balenciaga board of directors, the alleged hidden meanings behind the campaign continue to be disclosed on social networks.

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