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Ruggero on his first concert in Ecuador on September 24: “It will be an intimate show, as if they were in my living room”

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Ruggero is a 29-year-old Italian singer, based in Argentinawhich is emerging as one of the benchmarks of the romantic pop in Latin America. His debut album, titled with his stage name, records over 50 million views audio and video on all platforms. With the release of his latest work, back to zerothe figures continue to grow.

Ruggero Pasquarelli, the Italian who made his way in Latin America

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His success, in part, is due to his exposure as a Disney actor, as one of the stars in his famous series in Spanish: Violetta (2012-2015) and I am Luna (2016-2018). “They were incredible experiences that positively marked me for life, because who I am now is thanks to what I experienced. In addition to artistic experiences, which took me around the world singing in huge stadiums and more, I also I grew up in those adventures. It will always be part of my past and my present”, emphasizes the singer-songwriter in an exclusive interview with this medium.

But much of the growth of his career is due to his desire to portray himself in his compositions, as a singer who tells his story in his lyrics.

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“I am passionate about music, a young artist, who has just started, but I have already released my second musical album, which tells his own story, from his heartbreaks to his loves, but at the same time also personal things, because who wants be as real as possible with the people who listen to him so they can identify with him.”

personal stories in back to zero

Indeed, back to zero (2021) is a kind of ode to spite and heartbreak. But also to accept these emotions and make a clean slate. In other words, “return to zero”. “From so much that I lost, I ended up winning more”, she sings in You live only one lifeone of the most listened to singles from this project, from which the hymns emerge Mirror, It hurts what it hurts Y he fucked up.

Diego Torres, the protagonist of a romantic night in Guayaquil

“There is music cuts veins, as you mention,” he acknowledges, “It talks about the breakup of a relationship (he had been linked for years with the actress Candelaria Molfese until 2020), but it also tells of moments of many changes in my life. I wrote this album after a pandemic that lasted two years, where I was talking to myself about a lot of things, understanding what I wanted to do with my life and understanding who I wanted to be, no matter what others say.

He adds that after such a love break it makes him feel “renewed”. That’s why the album is also called back to zerobecause I wanted to turn the page and to start over, a more mature Ruggero, more evolved, through music, but also as a person and through love”.

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In those personal changes, Ruggero has also valued acting. “I go back to acting only when it is something worthwhile for my project as a singer.” In that sense, he says, he will give priority to roles that represent challenges or for which he has to learn or develop new skills. “I wouldn’t take on very long projects, unless it’s something incredible, but also because I don’t want to divert my focus from what music is.”

Ruggero International Tour

Latin America has been a great audience for the music of Italians, such as that of Laura Pausini, Tiziano Ferro, Nek, among others. How will Ruggero fit into this trend? Only time will tell.

Tini Stoessel in Ecuador! The Argentine singer confirms her concert in Guayaquil

“It is incredible to know that many Italians were breaking it in Latin America and I hope I can follow that path and join those names. Part of that, you have to keep working focused, putting your heart in what you have to do. I have clear my goals and the music I want to present on stage”.

In this regard, the artist is traveling with the international tour back to zero. It started in Argentina and continues to Uruguay this Saturday, September 17. Next week he will arrive in Ecuador for the first time to give an acoustic presentation in Quito. “It will be a more intimate show, because I want to convey my music in a different way. I’ll transform the stage like it’s the living room (living room) of my house, that will allow me to sing and play in a different and more personal way”. The tour will then continue to Mexico.

The Ruggero show in Quito will take place at the Quito Chamber of Commerce on Saturday, September 24. Tickets are on sale on the Buen Plan site, at a single value of $40, which includes a session of meet and greet.

Source: Eluniverso

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