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Airbus will pay for the Justice to close a corruption investigation

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Airbus will pay a fine, agreed with the French Justice and that is added to the one already paid of 3,600 million euros, so that an investigation for alleged corruption related to contracts is closed, in particular in Libya and Kazakhstan, which could have led to a process penal.

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The European aeronautical group confirmed today that it has signed with the National Financial Prosecutor’s Office (PNF) what is technically called a Judicial Agreement of Public Interest (CJIP), referring mainly to those two countries.

That CJIP, which still has to be approved by the courts, corresponds to the issues dealt with in another agreement of the same type that was formalized in 2020 because they could not be dealt with simultaneously at that time for procedural reasons, Airbus said.

The company, which did not give any precision about the amount of the fine, also pointed out that this agreement “will have no adverse impact” with which he signed on January 31, 2020 both with the PNF of France, as well as with the British Prosecutor’s Office and with the State and Justice departments of the United States.

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In them, Airbus already assumed the payment of 3,600 million euros of fine to the three countries in relation to the investigations opened for suspicions of bribery and corruption.

This whole matter dates back to more than ten years ago due to the role of some intermediaries who intervened on behalf of Airbus to obtain civil and military contracts.

From a legal point of view, one of the problems is that when receiving export credits from government agencies in Europe, the company had to mention the intermediaries involved in its contracts and, if it did not, it was exposed to criminal proceedings.

Airbus decided to suspend the use of these consultants and launched a transparency operation to seek a negotiated solution with the authorities of the countries to avoid a sentence.

(Source: EFE)

Source: Gestion

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