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The US takes Putin’s “irresponsible” nuclear threat “seriously”

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The United States is taking Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “irresponsible” veiled threat to use nuclear weapons in the war in Ukraine “seriously,” a senior US official said on Wednesday, announcing “serious consequences” if it moves in that direction. .

“It is irresponsible rhetoric for a nuclear power to talk that way. But it is not atypical for how he has been speaking in the last seven months, and we take it very seriously.said John Kirbya spokesman for the White House National Security Council, after Putin said he would use “all available means” to protect Russian territory.

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“We are monitoring their strategic posture as best we can so that we can modify ours if necessary. We haven’t seen any indication that that’s necessary at this time.” he added in statements to the ABC network.

When asked what Washington’s response would be, kirby reiterated what President Joe Biden said.

“There will be serious consequences. Not only will it be more and more a pariah on the world stage, but there will have to be serious consequences from the international community.” he pointed.

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kirby described Putin’s order to mobilize some 300,000 reservists throughout Russia as a sign of weakness.

It is definitely a sign that you are facing difficulties“, said kirbyemphasizing the “tens of thousands lows” and the “dropout problems” in Russian ranks.

Kirby said that referendums “false” of annexation to Russia being prepared in areas of Ukraine invaded by Russian forces will not change US policy.

“That is Ukrainian territory. It doesn’t matter what fake referendums they do.” said kirby. “We will continue to support Ukraine with security assistance and other financial aid, as the president said, for as long as it takes.”.


Bolivia and Peru agree to promote the development of the port of Ilo

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