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McDonald’s opened its 30th restaurant in the country, the first version 2.0 for its sustainability

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As part of the $20 million that Arcos Dorados, the largest independent McDonald’s franchisee in the world, has invested in Ecuador in the last five years, the firm yesterday inaugurated its 30th location nationwide and the first to be called 2.0 due to its characteristics. sustainable.

The inauguration of this restaurant, which generates 100 new jobs in addition to the 1,700 employees of the firm in the country, and which is located at km 10.5 of the road to the coast, coincides with the 25 years of Golden Arches in Ecuador.

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Gina Castagneto, CEO of Arcos Dorados Ecuadorhighlighted that the restaurant has more than 20 sustainable initiatives, which are part of the brand’s initiative at a global level of social and environmental impact called “The recipe of the future”, which focuses on sustainable supply, circular economy and climate change. and with which it seeks to save electricity, water, the reuse of various resources and advance in the company’s great objective of reducing carbon footprint emissions by 36% by 2030.

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Among these sustainable initiatives are energy savings with LED lighting, low-consumption air conditioners, non-polluting refrigerant gases, lighting with motion sensors, automatic lighting of signs and external lighting, mechanical ventilation, insulating and reflective ceilings, glass with UV filter , and others.

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Also in relation to water consumption and afforestation, the directive highlighted that the water from the air conditioners is recovered to be used in toilets and floor cleaning. In addition, the premises have flow reduction taps, plants with low need for irrigation, and absorbent soil.

While in what has to do with waste and materials from renewable sources, Castagneto revealed that certified wood was used in the construction, in addition that the oil is collected to be converted into biodiesel, cardboard is recycled to guarantee its reincorporation into the production chain. , among other initiatives.

“We are very happy and proud to be able to inaugurate our first sustainable restaurant in Guayaquil, with which we get closer to our environmental objectives, but with which we also hope to be able to raise awareness among our clients, collaborators and other companies about the importance of caring for the environment and the need to build an increasingly sustainable industry” highlighted Castagneto, who announced that all the restaurants that the brand opens from now on in Ecuador will also be 2.0, although he clarified that several of these sustainable initiatives have also been adopted in the premises prior to this .

The new premises have 432 m2 and a capacity for 122 people, including, in addition to the traditional checkouts, four innovative digital kiosks for self-management of orders with touch technology and an intuitive and easy-to-use operating system.

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In addition, the establishment offers several services, such as McDelivery and Automac, the latter with a novelty.

Meanwhile, art is not left out in this new establishment, which has an artistic mural on its exterior in the Automac sector, the second in the country and the first in Guayaquil, which was designed and painted by the urban artist guayaquileño Gabriel Peña Zapatier.

An artistic mural by Automac, the second in the country and the first in Guayaquil, was designed and painted by Guayaquil street artist Gabriel Peña Zapatier. It has 190 m2 and is inspired by the values ​​of the brand, but mainly by the environmental culture that it seeks to sow in its clients and collaborators. Photo: Peter Tavra Franco

The 190 m2 mural is inspired by the brand’s values, but mainly by the environmental culture that it seeks to sow in its clients and collaborators.

“Art communicates and transmits; This mural is very special, because in addition to capturing color and generating a smile in those who come to see it, it seeks to inspire and raise awareness of fundamental and very important concepts such as care and the conscious consumption of resources,” Peña said. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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