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Withdrawal of AFP 2022: who can request the return of funds and what is the deadline?

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If you are a contributor to the pension fund managers (AFP), you still have time to start the application for return of funds. The official schedule of the process indicates that the period in which there was an order according to the ID to request the funds, but currently this process is free for all members of the Private Pension System (SPP).

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The AFP release It occurs in the middle of a negative year for the profitability of these funds. The administrators register consecutive falls of more than S/ 10,430 million between January and June 2022. The portfolio managed by the AFP It went from S/ 133,310 million in December 2021 to S/ 122,879 million in June of this year.

Who can initiate the return process?

According to the initial schedule, from Tuesday, July 26 to September 10, all contributors can request the return of funds freely. Previously, the members of the SPP they had to wait for the exact day that the system allowed them to enter according to the last digit of their ID.

From July 26 to September 10 is the free period to request your AFP funds. Photo: Composition LR/Andean

What is the deadline to submit the AFP withdrawal request?

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The AFP withdrawal process began on June 13 and It will run until September 10. Remember that you must access the site www.consultaretiroafp.pe from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, except holidays.

What are the steps to request an AFP withdrawal?

  • The first step is to enter www.consultaretiroafp.pe. The link will take you to a page that welcomes affiliates. At the bottom you must click on the button that says ‘I want to withdraw’.
  • In the next part, they explain frequently asked questions among members of the AFP and they also detail the timeline to submit withdrawal requests. After reading carefully, you must click on the button below that says ‘start application’.
  • The next window is for you to enter your personal data to start the withdrawal process. You must have your ID at hand and your bank account number. After filling in your information, you must select ‘I am not a robot’ and press the ‘consult’ button.
  • The website will ask you to enter the web key of your AFP. If you have doubts about it, you can see our guide about it. Next, you will need to select ‘validate’.
  • In the event that the page is saturated, try to update and continue with the process.
  • After some updates to the page you will be able to continue with the process. When validating your identity and web password of your AFP, the system will indicate that you can make the withdrawal. To do this, you must click on ‘register request’.
  • The platform offers some suggestions to invest and take advantage of your AFP money. You must click ‘got it’ to continue.
  • Finally, you must decide the amount to withdraw according to your contributions. Then it will record your personal data and others (DNI, address, the bank to which the money will be deposited, your account number without CCI, email and telephone). Finally, you will be able to see a summary of your procedure.

After you have started the procedure, you can re-enter the page to know the status of your order:

Source: Larepublica

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