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Argentina could run out of coffee in less than two months due to import measures

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Argentina could run out of coffee in less than two months, after the government of Alberto Fernández decided to implement new measures on imports, which are increasingly limited.

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This input, which is not produced in the southern country because the climate does not allow it, is 100% imported from other regions, and the recently imposed limits put its consumption at risk in all the country’s cafeterias, Los Andes points out.

“The coffee issue is very serious, the latest measures have further restricted the little quota there was. Import procedures are beginning to be denied and stocks are in danger”assured Marcelo Salas, owner of the Café Martínez chain.

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Coffee entrepreneurs point out that there could be a lack of coffee in 30 or 45 days, and since the product is imported, they have no way of replacing it. “In Argentina, coffee beans are not produced, which are then ground and packaged by local manufacturers”they point out

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“If the situation continues and we cannot supply the premises, the turnover would fall by 45%”, said Marcelo Salas, partner and director of the company. “We have coffee stock left for 30 or 45 days”lament.

For example, Café Martínez had to reduce the sale of its packaged coffees in supermarkets and its imports to other countries to compensate for the lack of the main input, since there is a fear of running out of supplies in its 210 stores throughout Argentina, where some 3,000 work. people.

“All supermarket sales are going to be delayed, because our priority is to supply the premises, where we have to protect jobs. We estimate that today we are between 38% and 40% below sales in supermarkets. In the chain’s premises, 50% of the turnover is the sale of coffee beans (packaged) or to consume in cups “Salas specified.

Keep the company afloat

One of the methods that Salas currently applies to keep his company afloat is to have 9 price lists according to the zones. “There are punctual increases that are made surgically to prevent sales from falling and accommodate people’s real possibilities. Clearly, the Argentine economy is not managed by those who practice them”, detailed.

If this situation is not reversed, this Argentine company and many others will have to resort to the use of the blue dollar, and its impact will be reflected in the pockets of its consumers.

Having to start paying for imports at the value of the financial dollar would be extremely sad, because we would have to take the product to double what it is today, which is already expensive. Today it is already difficult for many people to access a coffee or breakfast, and this is a shame because many people in times like these replace something to eat in the cafeteria because they do not have enough for lunch”, Indian.

“We were about to start selling coffee to supermarkets in Chile and we had to back down. We cannot comply with the contracts and then being able to rebuild that channel is going to take us years, confidence is lost”, Salas lamented.

However, he added that the import issue is not the only problem, “This is high season and we are given a sum of problems. To the stocks (restriction) to import are added the transport problems in Brazil, the lack of containers for foreign trade and, above all, the country’s political frictions that do not help. We need some calm and perspective”, he finished.

Source: Gestion

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