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Visit to Ecuadorian embroiderers inspired a Spanish artist who made a mural that includes Pikachu

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An Pikachu About in the hat of some embroidering women stole the limelight in a mural unveiled this Monday in the historic center of Quito. It is an intervention made by the Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel, as part of CaminArte project, that the Municipality of Quito does in the framework of celebrations for the Bicentennial of the Battle of Pichincha.

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Women embroiderers and Pikachu in a mural for the Bicentennial of the Battle of Pichincha, in Quito

tonight the Metropolitan Heritage Institute issued a statement explaining that the mural born from a contact that the Spanish artist had with the traditional embroiderers of Llano Grande, and a tour of various corners of Quito. “His work, like all the ones he does around the world, is loaded with colour, pop modernism, multicultural content and messages of peace in a globalized world”, explained in the letter.


In an interview published on the institution’s YouTube channel, the artist explains that in His visit to the embroiderers took photographs of the artisans, which later served as a sketch for the work. In addition to his tour, he shared with university art students.

“This mural has meant a lot to me, because I have been doing embroidery with my mother for five years, in a way it is like having my mother here too”, expressed the Spanish.

In his work, the geometric architectures of the rainbow are mixed with organic forms that invite reflection. His artistic proposal seeks to raise questions about existentialism, the universe, infinity, the meaning of life and the contradictions of the false freedom of society, showing a conflict between modernity and traditions or roots.

In the same statement they clarify that this work did not occupy public resources of the Municipality of Quito and that occurs in the context of the project “WALK, route to Freedom”, consisting of develop a project for the appropriation of heritage spaces through art.

This open-air gallery of murals and urban furniture -they say- is designed by national artists “which will be summoned through public competition for the presentation of their projects”.

The Institute also mentions that Okuda San Miguel is one of the greatest exponents of Spanish muralism and the planet. “His art adorns the streets and buildings in Spain, Europe and the 5 continents.”

In the statement they also point out that within this project comprehensive works will be developed for the benefit of the community of the Avenida 24 de Mayo-Cima de la Libertad axis. “We will carry out the maintenance of sculptures, monuments and gardens; stone streets; sidewalks; squares and roads; painting on facades; infrastructure, lighting and asphalting”.

In social networks, the mural generated strong criticism from Internet users, who do not understand why the inclusion of Pikachu in the mural. “What will come next? A mural with Cantuña and Goku in Plaza San Francisco? wrote user Dario Zambrano.

“Pikachu represents Baroque Art?”, he asked for his part Paul Francisco Toscano. (I)

Source: Eluniverso

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