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These are the 10 rules that a responsible driver must respect

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Any experienced driver knows the number of traffic rules that must be followed to keep people safe inside and outside the vehicle. However, not all comply with them, which is why accidents on the roads and high amounts of fines are reported daily.

The Traffic and Mobility Agency, in honor of World Sustainable Mobility Week, published a series of rules to refresh drivers’ memory on the main traffic regulations that must be followed:

  1. The driver must stop at crosswalks, let the pedestrian cross
  2. Do not invade the zebra crossing
  3. Do not park on sidewalks or bike paths
  4. Respect transit signals
  5. Pedestrians and cyclists come first
  6. Respect 1.5 meters of lateral distance with the cyclist
  7. Look in the rearview mirror before opening the car door.
  8. Do not use the whistle to speed up the pedestrian or cyclist
  9. Use turn signals to indicate lane changes
  10. Respect the stop disc
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Remember that, depending on the infraction or offense you commit while driving, there are different penalties:


  • 5% of salary (equivalent to USD 19.3): minor offenses of the first class.
  • 10% of salary (equivalent to USD 38.60): second class minor offenses.
  • 15% of salary (equivalent to USD 57.9): third class minor offenses.
  • 30% of salary (equivalent to USD 115.8): serious violations of the first class.

Reduction of points in the license:

  • First class minor offenses 1.5
  • Second class minor offenses 3
  • Third class minor offenses 4.5
  • Serious offenses of the first class 6
  • Serious offenses of the second class 7.5
  • Third Class Serious Contraventions 9
  • Very serious offense 10
  • Crimes 11 – 30
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Lost the first 30 points, the license will be suspended for 60 days and it will be mandatory to take a course at the Driving Schools.

Source: Eluniverso

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