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Exports from the jungle double and exceed US$ 359 million

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The head of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (mincetur), Roberto Sánchez, highlighted the important development that regional exports from the interior of the country have been achieving. Thus, between January and May of this year, shipments amounted to US$ 20,053 millionan amount 15% higher than the same period in 2021.

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A total of 19 regions increased their shipments to the world, especially the jungle regions, whose exports reached US$ 359 millionaccording to the Monthly Regional Trade Report May 2022 of Mincetur.

“Exports from the jungle have doubled thanks to higher sales of coffee (+203%) and palm oil (+138%), goods whose prices have increased by more than 50% so far this year,” said Minister Sánchez in a press release, adding that exports also grew. forestry (+65%) and Brazil nuts (+38%).

The jungle regions that grew the most in this period were Loreto and San Martinwhose exports amounted to US$95 million and US$93 million, respectively, values ​​112% and 86% higher than in 2021.

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Regarding the southern regions, these increased their shipments to the world by 21% in the first five months of the year, reaching US$ 8,652 million, thanks to higher sales of natural gas and minerals (molybdenum and tin). The best performers were Cusco (+111%) and Arequipa (+30%).

On the other hand, the northern regions increased, between January and May, their exports by 11%, thanks to higher sales of fishery, agricultural and mineral goods, highlighting Tumbes (+32%); La Libertad (+13%), Ancash (+11%); and Piura (+9%).

Finally, in the center of the country, three regions increased their exports: Huanuco (+43%), Ica (+16%) and Ayacucho (+2%). These growths offset lower exports from Pasco, Junín and Huancavelica.

Source: Larepublica

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