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In Lima, 4 out of 5 Venezuelans have an informal job

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Action Against Hunger, international humanitarian organization, produced a technical report on the socioeconomic situation of 14,013 Venezuelan families residing in Metropolitan Lima Y Callao. According to data from the report entitled “Multisectoral study on the refugee and Venezuelan migrant population living in Metropolitan Lima Peru-2022”, only 20% work in a private company, while 78.3% have an informal job; that is, four out of five.

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In addition, the monthly economic income of these families is S/ 1,067.30, of which 40%, which is equivalent to around S/ 470.90, is used to purchase food. The study indicates that due to these low incomes and poor access to social programs, more than 70.5% are in a situation of food insecurity moderate-severe.

Among the serious consequences, it is estimated that in May a 22.9% of adults stopped eating for a whole day due to the lack of money to buy food. Likewise, it has been reported that Venezuelan families have had to resort to survival strategies such as reducing the number of meals per day, buying cheaper food and reducing the consumption of food by adults in order to feed the children of the household.

For his part, Alejandro Vargas, Technical and Quality Coordinator for Action Against Hunger in Peru, also highlighted the difficulties that migrants face in order to find a formal job.

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“The Venezuelan population, due to its level of education, can contribute significantly to the country’s productivity; however, the lack of documentation that proves their regular entry into the country, the limited number of professionals who have achieved recognition of their academic degrees, the weak legislation on the hiring of foreign workers, xenophobia and the reduction in the labor supply; they are factors that hinder their access to the Peruvian labor market”, he stressed.

Source: Larepublica

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