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Fuel prices: How much does it cost TODAY to change my vehicle to CNG?

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Unlike other countries, where fuels travel through pipelines when the distances are relatively short, in Peru the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) that leaves Ica arrives in Lima by ship. For this reason, every time there are abnormal waves – like this week – the ships cannot dock and the city runs out of LPG. It is there where the vehicular natural gas (NGV) appears as an option.

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This, and the constant rise in oil derivatives at all taps, have made drivers turn their eyes to CNG: a cheap, clean, safe fuel and, above all, produced in our country, since it comes from the bowels of Shirt.

But, how much does it cost today to put CNG in my vehicle? Although it is true that some prices have changed since the pandemic began, the investment to install a natural gas engine, whether hybrid or not, is still very competitive for the market.

Change my vehicle to CNG: How much does it cost?

According to a report compiled by Latina, the average price to convert a vehicle to CNG today ranges between S/ 4,000 and S/ 4,500, depending on the workshop. You should always choose a place with the corresponding authorization to guarantee that your vehicle is touched by specialists.

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All cars, even the latest generation, can be converted to CNG. The installation will take an average of two days, if it is a smaller unit. If it’s a van, you can take up to three.

Change my vehicle to CNG: How much can I save?

There is no loss with CNG if it is compared to all other petroleum-derived fuels, such as gasoline, gasohols or LPG itself. For this reason, not only taxi drivers and carriers opt today for its virtues, but even high-end vehicles.

For example, natural gas can be found between S/ 1.35 and S/ 2.50 per cubic meter at service stations, while petroleum derivatives such as gasoline and diesel can cost between S/ 17 and S/ / 22 the gallon.

This occurs because, unlike LPG -which is sold at international prices, despite the fact that 80% is produced in Peru-, Camisea natural gas has a price that is updated very slightly every year by law and does not depend on factors external.

Change my vehicle to CNG: How much does maintenance cost?

Once the CNG engine is installed, the next step is to maintain it. This visit to the mechanical workshop must be scheduled every 40,000 kilometers traveled and has an average market price of S/ 130.

In any case, the driver should always use only coolants recommended by his specialist mechanic to prevent the system from corroding and wearing out.

Change my vehicle to CNG: Does it damage the engine?

There is a fairly widespread myth that natural gas damages engines because it is colder. In reality, what can ruin an engine, whether with CNG or LPG, is subjecting our vehicle to a bad installation at an unauthorized dealer, or not giving it proper maintenance.

The maximum power that the unit can lose, depending on the model, is 10%, imperceptible to the driver after starting. Natural gas does not damage the car’s suspension either, since previously the workshop in charge of carrying out the conversion must define what size of tank will be implemented.

Change my vehicle to CNG: the State lends

There is a state alternative that helps you install natural gas in your vehicle. Its about NGV Savings Program of the Ministry of Energy and Mines (Minem), which through the resources of the Energy Social Inclusion Fund (FISE) has allowed more than 20,000 gasoline and LPG vehicles to be converted as of March this year.

This program, which grants financing without an initial fee or interest, is carried out in the regions of Lima, Callao, Junín, Ica, Cusco, Piura, La Libertad, Ancash and Lambayeque, and it is planned to be extended to other regions of the country as soon as possible. that these have natural gas service stations.

The return period is three years and, in the case of users from the provinces, The program contemplates the assignment of a discount bond of S/ 1,000, applicable on the final price of the conversion. Those interested in accessing the aforementioned financing must enter the FISE website.

Source: Larepublica

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