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United Kingdom: Sunak and Mordaunt are consolidated as favorites to succeed Johnson

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Former British Finance Minister Rishi Sunak and former Defense Minister Penny Mordaunt consolidated this Thursday as favorite candidates to succeed Boris Johnson at the head of the Conservative Party and, therefore, of the government.

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Both obtained 101 and 83 supports, respectively, in the second vote held today among conservative deputies to choose who will relieve Johnson, still in office, who was forced to resign last week due to the mass exodus of almost 60 members of his Government, fed up of his administration and his scandals.

Sunak and Mordaunt managed to increase their support among their peers, after yesterday, in the first vote, they obtained 88 and 67 supports, respectively.

On the other hand, of the six candidates who were bidding today to continue in contention on the path to the conservative leadership, the attorney general of the State was eliminated from the race, Suella Bravermanwhich got off with just 27 nominations.

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For her part, the former Secretary of State for Equality Kemi Badenoch got 49, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Liz Truss64 and Tom Tugendhat32.

Sunak, “Ready to give everything”

In a message posted on Twitter after the votes were announced, Sunak, the candidate with the highest number of votes, showed “incredibly grateful” for him “continuous support” it receives from Tory MPs and citizens.

“I am prepared to give all I have for service to our nation. Together we can restore trust, rebuild the economy and reunify the country”assured.

Mordaunt, on the other hand, received a strong setback from David Frosthis former boss and former British Brexit negotiator, who today showed his “big reserves” about the candidate becoming the next prime minister.

“I’m pretty surprised that he’s where he is in this leadership race. It was my ‘second’ in the Brexit negotiations last year and it seemed to me that it did not measure up”Frost told a television network.

His statements were soon taken advantage of by the “band” by Liz Truss, who stressed that it is “of a very serious warning”.

For its part, the team that works for the holder of the Foreign Office stressed that Truss “it is attracting a wide range of support from across the ‘tory’ spectrum”by suggesting that those who had supported Braverman will now cede those supports to Truss.

Officially launching her campaign today, Truss promised to improve the economy by 2024 through tax cuts to boost UK economic growth.

“Now is the time to be bold” in economic matters and not continue “with the usual economic management”Truss insisted, in clear reference to the tax hike decided by Sunak.

The head of the Foreign Office also anticipated her intention to increase defense spending to 3% by the end of this decade.

time for discussions

Boris Johnson was forced to resign on the 7th after almost 60 members of his Executive resigned from their positions in rejection of his management and the scandals that have tainted his three-year term, such as the parties at the Downing Street residence and public offices during the pandemic.

The aspiring to take Johnson’s witness will have the opportunity to present their vision for the country in three television debates scheduled for the next few days on various channels: the first, this Friday, another on Sunday and the last, next Monday.

When there are only two candidates left after voting ends – the next one scheduled for Monday – they will be able to campaign throughout the country to gain support among the party’s affiliates.

These candidates will be submitted to the approval of the affiliates throughout the United Kingdom – some 160,000 – and on September 5, the 1922 committee – a group of deputies without portfolio – will disclose the name of the winner, who will become the new conservative leader and head of government.

Source: Gestion

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