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The WhatsApp trick to know the location of another contact from their states

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The Internet can be an insecure site, especially due to the loss of personal information and data. Behind an email, an attractive advertisement or a post on social networks, a cyber attack can hide.

Security risks have even been reported on WhatsApp.

There are different ways to get the most out of the application to get to know information from other users. The most recent discovery was the possibility of knowing where is a user in a subtle and accurate way, through the states.

Gaspar Cano warns of this risk in a blog article the evil side of Chema Alonso, Spanish hacker and member of the Executive Committee of Telefónica. Cano states that with the use of links in the states it is possible to geolocate a contact at a certain time, an invasion of privacy for which users have not been warned.

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This part requires some computer knowledge that not everyone has, but it demonstrates once again the dangers that can lie behind a simple link. According to the portal dna40 ensures that it is possible to know the place where your friend is, but for this you must enter a series of codes in WhatsApp, but you must use the computer to carry out this trick. From the cell phone it can be somewhat complicated.

Contacts are redirected to a website other than WhatsApp, to create what is known as a table in MySQL for the purpose of store personal information such as the geolocation of the IP addresses of visitors. That is, a database on the IP address of those who enter the web from WhatsApp.

After sharing the status, its owner then receives a report with all the contacts who have seen it and clicked on the link. The most worrying thing is that indicates the exact time of that interactionand of course, the phone and name of the person, something that Instagram does not do, as can be seen in the previous comparison.

By joining both databases, the hacker can know who entered the link at what time, and by extension, know where that person was at that precise moment. It may seem like a very complicated resource for anyone to implement, but it is certainly a possibility that must be taken into account when using this WhatsApp feature. (I)

Source: Eluniverso

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