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Ambato urban carriers announce suspension of service for this Monday, August 8; they ask that the ticket rise to $0.46, but there are no agreements with the Municipality

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Arguing that in 18 months of meetings at the technical tables they have not found any response from the municipality of Ambato to the requirement to increase the urban fare, which is currently $0.30, the carriers announced that between 06: 00 and 18:00 this Monday, August 8 will suspend the service.

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They claimed to be on the verge of bankruptcy and with units seized for not being able to pay the credits.

Manuel Zamora, president of the Union of Urban and Rural Transport, commented that on Thursday it was resolved that in addition to suspending the service this Monday, a maximum period of seven days be given for the mayor of Ambato, Javier Altamirano, to call an extraordinary session of the cantonal council to define the new rate, otherwise from August 15 the measure would be indefinite.

Metrovía operates with 55% of units (and other news in a summary to start the day)

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He argued that with the current rate it is not enough to cover the operating expenses of the units and that for that reason they cannot continue to serve normally, that it is necessary to increase the value of the ticket in order to avoid the imminent bankruptcy of public transport .

He insisted on calling the municipal authorities to give an immediate response to the request.

Sheila Escobar, Ambato’s public transport technician, assured that currently with the decrease of $0.15 in extra gasoline and diesel, after the indigenous strike in June, the carriers are working at a loss, which is not enough to cover the operating costs, so the new proposed rate is $0.46.

Last June an attempt was made to increase the ticket to $0.43 but with the national strike it was not possible to continue with the socialization of the proposal. Photo: The Universe

For his part, Manuel Palate, councilor and president of the Transit Commission, acknowledged that it has been months that the carriers of urban and rural services request the increase in rates, that there was a first proposal where the municipality determined in $ 0 .43 the passage.

He said that the socialization with the citizens was being processed, but that with the indigenous strike in June there was a reduction of $0.15 in extra gasoline and diesel, which forced the update.

He added that he knows that personnel from the municipal transit directorate and carriers worked on the update, but that the new value has not yet reached the commission to continue with the due process.

That, he said, includes socialization so that citizens can say whether or not they agree with the new rate, that this has bothered transportation and that for that reason the service is suspended on Monday. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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