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How to cut an onion so as not to cry? This trick will solve the problem once and for all and make cooking easier

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Onions are the flavor carrier for many dishes. It can also add spiciness, but also sweetness. Few people imagine scrambled eggs without it, it is also an inseparable ingredient of a burger. It is an ideal product for seasoning meat, and in the roasted version it appears in fast-food proposals. Unfortunately, slicing it irritates the eyes and causes tears to run down the cheeks by themselves. How to avoid it?

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Why are we crying for onions? Eyes sting for a reason

When we cut an onion, we don’t cry for the onion itself, but for the gas that is escaping. The onion itself, even without the shell, does not emit such an intense fragrance as to irritate the eyes. However, after cutting it, a juice is released, from which a gas escapes, which is not dangerous, but irritating to the eyes.

How to cut an onion so as not to cry? This trick is the key to solving the problem

It turns out that the very method of cutting the onion matters. By cutting it in a different way than before, you can avoid excessive gas evolution. How will he do it?

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Leave the onion root for the end. Do not cut it off until you have finished slicing the portion you need. This part of the onion contains the most enzymes, so the gas spreads faster.

How to cut an onion so as not to cry? There are other effective ways as well

One of the effective and banal ways is to freeze the onion before slicing. Unfortunately, the downside is the possible loss of sharpness. It will still be sweet when fried, but its spiciness, which may be a plus for many, will weaken. However, it will not emit such intense gas.

Another way is the opposite of the way of cutting the root last. If you put the onion in an ice glass for about 20 minutes and then cut the root out before slicing, you will also protect your eyes. People who wear glasses on a daily basis are also much easier. It is said that stuffing your nose is also effective when cutting onions. Of course not with the hand with which we are to cut the onion.

Source: Gazeta

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