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Bogusław Linda on political correctness in cinema: This is total stupidity. Why are these divisions?

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During this year’s New Horizons festival, the first retrospective of Agnieszka Holland’s work was organized in Poland. Its program includes the films “Rush” and “Lonely Woman”, in which he starred. The actor, in connection with the participation in the film event, gave an interview in Wrocław. During the interview, he was asked why this retrospective was created only now and whether he thought it was related to the initiative of Karolina Pasternak, who rewrote the director’s biography.

Linda on Women’s Movements and Political Correctness: Why do I want these divisions?

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– I think women’s movements like #MeToo and so on are working at the moment. It all works together. And the fact that Agnieszka is not afraid to talk about her views, that she is a sharp woman and very righteous, that she always stood for those who are aggrieved, regardless of the consequences. Of course, I am talking about clichés, but that’s why I think that in this now fucked up country a festival has been created, and Agnieszka and her daughter are only heroes. This is awesome and I have nothing else to add – Bogusław Linda analyzed the situation.

The moderator, Ksenia Pletnova, took up the topic of female movements in cinema and asked Bogusław Linda if she thought they had an impact on cinematography and how they create new cinema. The actor replied straight from the bridge:

Absolutely, although I don’t necessarily think it’s a good thing. I think this is total stupidity. As it is in the US, that there must be nominations for women at the Oscar and there must be nominations for blacks, or blacks or ch * j, I do not know what they are called there, how to speak politically correctly at the moment. Why?

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Immediately after that, he began to explain his perspective: – If we are talking about freedom, freedom is that we do not have to force a woman to be. How good she will be, like Agnieszka [Holland – przyp. red.], cool. But if she is weak, why push her there? Just because there is political correctness? I hate political correctness – he admitted. And he strongly emphasized:

If we are not chauvinists, why is there a division between men and women? I believe that we are the same, so why the fuck is this division? I even think that you guys are much better and cooler than the guys, but I’m not talking about it out loud because I can’t, so I say we’re equal.

Let us also remind you that Bogusław Linda in 2020 was one of the people who reacted publicly when the police detained 48 people after a demonstration against the arrest of Margot, an activist of the Stop Bzdurom group (related, among others, to the campaign of placing rainbow flags on Warsaw monuments). Bogusław Linda, with the caption “Once more”, recalled on Facebook a film he had recorded a few years ago for the campaign Campaign Against Homophobia under the slogan “Hand in hand for equality”. In it, the actor said: “Everyone has the right to their private freedom, regardless of their beliefs, regardless of their biological system or psychological matters. A man is a human being at all times and he must be allowed to do so. Especially if he does not do anything wrong to another human being. Therefore I am. with you”.

Source: Gazeta

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