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How to lighten your hair at home without damaging it? This way you will get beautiful reflexes without visiting the hairdresser

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Summer is a time when many of us want to experiment with our appearance. One is lightening your hair. If you care about a subtle effect, you can reach for each of them is inexpensive and minimally invasive.

How to lighten your hair naturally at home? Chamomile is a known and well-liked method for centuries

For many years, the topic of hair bleaching has been of particular interest to women. For years, it has been very popular in this matter chamomile rinse. She have brightening properties. It is enough to brew the infusion and rinse the strands with it once a week. This should be your last hair rinse. Other herbs you can use are calendula, linden, mallow, and jasmine.

How to lighten your hair without damaging it? Lemon juice will give them delicate reflections

if we start thinking about lightening the hair. In cosmetics, the juice of this as well vitamin C content has a brightening effect in the product. It is enough to rub the strands from the roots to the ends and leave. Additionally, it is worth applying a layer of leave-in conditioner or oil so as not to dry the strands.

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