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Shakira denounces the man who “proposed marriage”: The subject who calls himself “Alex” harasses her through love letters and graffiti that he painted in front of her house

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love life of Shakira was exposed a few days ago when rumors came to light that the soccer player Gerard Piqué, with whom he shared a 12-year relationship, was unfaithful. Shortly after, it was learned that the couple officially ended their relationship.


Apparently, this gave rise to a fan of the singer Colombian woman declared her love and support through letters. But, in her place, Shakira saw it as an act of harassment for the way the man acted.

The “love letters” that Shakira receives from a stranger

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According to the People en Español magazine, several letters arrived in the Colombian woman’s mailbox from the same sender, a man who calls himself “Alex”, and who left messages that read phrases such as: “I come here for you, my love” or “I am ready to marry you right now and support you”.


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Not satisfied with showing an obvious obsession with Shakira via mail, the man appeared several times outside the barranquillera’s residence, hanging around the surroundings of the House which he shares with his two children, Milan and Sasha.

Shakira takes legal action against the stalker

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In view of the growing concern about the actions of “Alex”, a subject who, according to the press Spanish, is of Russian origin, the interpreter of “Te Felicito” decided to take the matter seriously to avoid further inconvenience.

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It was exactly his brother and manager of concerts, Tony Mebarakwho went to the authorities to make the complaint as a spokesperson for the artist, in the face of the subject’s constant harassment.

Meanwhile, Shakira has not yet commented on the matter, but it is believed that she is looking for a new residence for her and her children.

The latter could speed up the search that the Colombian had been preparing, since it was recently known that Shakira and Piqué plan to initiate a lawsuit for the custody of their children, given that she no longer wants to live in Spainbut the footballer refuses to be taken out of his native country. (AND)

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