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Banana and shrimp farmers send an SOS to the authorities from El Oro, to enable roads and stop assaults on their production units

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The shrimp and banana sectors reiterated, this Thursday afternoon, their complaints and requests to the authorities, to guarantee the production, logistics and export, especially in the Province of El Oro, of these two products that lead the exportable supply non-oil company in the country with $3.6 billion in foreign currency in the first quarter of 2022.


In 2021, both sectors represented around $8.8 billion in exports, according to figures from the Central Bank of Ecuador.

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From Machala, leaders of both sectors assured that the losses in general for the productive apparatus, at the national level, exceed $100 millionwhich puts at risk 10,000 jobs, figures that had already been exposed, last Wednesday, by José Antonio Camposano, executive director of the Corporation of Exporters Guilds of Ecuador (Cordex) and the National Chamber of Aquaculture (CNA).


Strike leaves losses of $100 million to producers and exporters, who on the coast are already beginning to feel the impact of road closures and ‘vandalism’

However, on Thursday morning, Julio José Prado, Minister of Production, Foreign Trade, Investments and Fisheriesupdated the figures of the damage to the productive sectors, which would reach $135 million, of which 40%, that is, $54 million, correspond only to the export sector.

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What has not changed, according to Camposano, who connected electronically, are the assaults and extortions of which workers of these productive activities are victims, especially on the roads of El Oro.

“We cannot continue to dodge logistics, waiting at night to be victims of crime and increasing production costs,” claimed the leader, who assured that they already have enough problems in international markets to also be victims of a minority group of violent .

Camposano asked the authorities of the province to provide the equipment that allows the police to unblock the roads that have been blocked by the groups of demonstrators.

Regarding the impact on the banana sector, Francisco Espinoza, director of the Association of Banana Exporters of Ecuador (AEBE-El Oro)assured that one day they stop exporting approximately 684,000 boxes per day, which translates into a loss of $5.7 million per day.

“Our country needs to continue working in peace, these types of measures do not lead us to anything good, we need to move the country forward and that is done by working,” Espinoza emphasized.

Chambers of Commerce, Construction and Industries of Guayaquil speak of losses of $ 193 million in sales due to the national strike

For its part, José Antonio Hidalgo, Executive Director of AEBEfrom Guayaquil telematically, affirmed that they will join the request for dialogue made by around 300 social organizations, to find solutions to the problem.

“We ask the Government of El Oro, the Prefecture of El Oro and the authorities to work in a coordinated manner,” Hidalgo emphasized. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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