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Alblicla with minimal scopes and inactive accounts. Not even … Albicla herself publishes on it

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The list of profiles not posting new posts on Albicla is long, starting with Albicla herself, she informs. The data provided by the portal show that the website enjoyed the greatest interest right after its launch, i.e. in the second half of January 2021. In the first months of operation, approx. 68 thousand. users have created an account. Today there are not many more – only 81,000 in total, most of which have not posted new content for several months – lists Press.

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Albicla without most users’ active accounts

Albicla herself posted her last post on Albicla six months ago. It promotes Tomasz Sakiewicz, who actively reported on recent events related to the work of the Smolensk subcommittee. For the sake of order, it is worth adding that these are not the only social media of the website that are empty. On Twitter, the last post added by Albicla comes from January 20 (reports that it’s been a year since the platform is up and running). The last post was posted on Facebook on March 20. The website recommended material from Republika Television in the post. Albicla’s Instagram account has been inactive since March last year. The last post on the website was Easter greetings on April 1, 2021.

But let’s go back to Albicla, where, as Press informs, politicians, journalists or editorial offices are also not very eager to publish. The head of the committee, Antoni Macierewicz, despite the fact that he has set up an account on the website, does not use it. Press reports that many journalists and editorial offices are in vain to look for new news and entries. Active are not, inter alia, Katarzyna Gójska, for many years associated with “Gazeta Polska”, a deputy of Sakiewicz, Dorota Kania, a board member of Polska Press, as well as the Polish Press Agency, Wirtualna Polska and Onet. The representatives of Radio Zet admitted directly that involvement in a project of such a small scope is a waste of time.

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Onet boss Bartosz Węglarczyk had problems with his account at the very beginning of Albicla’s operation. A few days after its establishment, in January 2021, it informed that the account had been blocked. Just like the accounts of Grzegorz Marczak and Jakub Szczęsny from Antyweb.pl. In their opinion, it was the result of a number of critical publications about the website that appeared on the pages of Antyweb in recent days.

On Monday, September 19, posts on Albicli were posted, for example, by Radio Poznań – a text about the fact that Janusz Kowalski [wiceminister rolnictwa – przyp. red.] gave the amount of PLN 4.5 billion, which will go to support entrepreneurs, producers and farmers, or Joachim Brudziński, who reported on the debate on the report on fundamental rights in the European Union in 2020-2021 in the European Parliament. He entered his entry with the hashtag “#lawfulness”.

Albicla with technical problems

The owner of the Albicla website is the company Znak Independent (publisher of the Niezalezna.pl portal), whose president is Tomasz Sakiewicz. It was reported that launching the website cost over PLN 100,000. zloty. We have already written several times about the technical problems that the social networking site had to deal with from the very beginning, incl. in this text:

According to Mediapanel data, in January 2021 the website was visited by 346 680 users. This gave a range of 1.19 percent. After a year, the number of users was 28.5 thousand. – reports Press. Albicla was created as an alternative to commercial social networking sites, which after the storming of the Capitol of Donald Trump supporters, blocked the account of the outgoing US president. Twitter and Facebook did. Albicla, according to the claims of its originators, was to be a website without censorship and moderation, serving for an open exchange of views.

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