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Daniel Salcedo, with five trials and three sentences, has been paving the way to get rid of causes and get out of jail

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Since 2015, the name of Daniel Salcedo Bonilla has been involved in controversy. That year his relationship as a state contractor was made public when it emerged that his company HDC Producciones had signed a contract with the Government of Guayas for talks given by Raúl Di Blasio.

For this agreement, the Government had arranged for the Public Procurement Unit to issue an invitation for that company to participate in that process. At that time, HDC Producciones, managed by Salcedo, was a young company that few knew in the industry and with little work in managing international artists.

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Salcedo was known in the Alborada area as the son of a pastor of a church in the area and leader of a musical band that played in concerts at the congregational level. He had made attempts to internationalize his productions by attending events in Miami.

Salcedo’s firm was awarded the $1.79 million contract and after learning of the agreement, the State Comptroller’s Office intervened. In 2017, despite observations, the same Comptroller contracted communications services with that company. During the political trial of former comptroller Pablo Celi, this contract was skipped.

At that time, Darwin Moreno, an official of the administrative coordination of the Comptroller’s Office and brother of former president Lenín Moreno, said that the contracting of these services was not included in the annual contracting plan and that it was unknown that Salcedo’s firm had a gloss since the 2016.

The video spread on social networks and for which an investigation was launched.
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Salcedo’s links with public contracts became known again in the midst of the pandemic, when a plot of corruption in hospitals came to light.

Daniel Salcedo receives a three-year sentence for a cell phone that was found in his cell at Prison 4

He was arrested in June 2020, after the plane in which he had left the country had an accident in the Peruvian border city of Tumbes. His brother Noé Salcedo was arrested in El Oro when he was trying to cross the border with $47,000 to allegedly help his brother.

Throughout this chain of events, the Ecuadorian justice opened proceedings against Salcedo for embezzlement, procedural fraud, organized crime, money laundering and entry of prohibited items into prison.

Since his arrest, Salcedo has traveled between the Cotopaxi prison and prison 4 in Quito, where his stay has not been without controversy for recording a video that went viral singing shirtless The bomb along with other inmates, showing a drink promoted by the late presenter Efraín Ruales.

This Monday, former Vice President Jorge Glas and Daniel Salcedo obtained a habeas corpus of Portoviejo judge Banny Molina, who established that the rights to health and physical integrity of both were violated.

Salcedo’s defense has activated several habeas corpus throughout the processes he has faced.

President Guillermo Lasso reacted to that decision by indicating that they will file legal appeals. “And they will not make any decision to release any citizen that violates the legal system and contributes to the judicial anarchy to which some judges are trying to lead us,” he added.

Salcedo already has a sentence of thirteen years in prison as the direct perpetrator of the crime of embezzlement in the process of awarding overpriced corpse covers at the IESS Ceibos hospital. An appeal hearing is scheduled for September 5 for this case filed by Salcedo and others. In addition, he has a three-year prison sentence for the case of bringing objects into prison, which began when the video went viral.

Daniel Salcedo was captured after suffering an accident in Tumbes. Photo: Courtesy.

Within the case of procedural fraud, where it was argued that the detainees had deceived the authorities by trying to escape to Peru, Salcedo obtained a sentence of four years in prison, which in 2022 a criminal court decided to reduce it to a sentence served. For that sentence he already has a release ticket.

They gave him a second release ticket, but Daniel Salcedo will not be able to get out of jail because he is serving two sentences, one of which is 13 years in prison

In the case of organized crime, which began with the marketing and sale of medical supplies to hospitals, the process is still open. Salcedo was involved in this case; Jacobo Bucaram, son of former president Abdalá Bucaram Ortiz; Luis Jairala Zunino, former manager of the Teodoro Maldonado Carbo Hospital, and others.

Within the case of money laundering, which was established with the capture of Noé Salcedo in El Oro, a court in El Oro acquitted the Salcedo brothers.

During these months, the State Attorney General’s Office has publicly warned that Daniel Salcedo’s defenders were trying to evade justice through “arguments” to try to obtain his freedom. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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