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Brewer’s yeast: The food that can increase muscle mass if consumed correctly

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Brewer’s yeast is a traditional food that helps increase muscle mass if consumed correctly, because the hypertrophy process is conditioned by several factors such as optimizing the diet in general, it will not be enough to include a certain product.

Dietary supplements are only one part of a diet aimed at improving performance and gaining lean muscle mass.

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If you consume it by itself, you will have wasted money. For this reason, it is key to focus first on routines, as published by Mejor con Salud.

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Benefits of brewer’s yeast

  • It is a source of various vitamins, such as those of group B.
  • It provides proteins, although of low biological value.
  • These are lacking in some essential amino acid and have low digestibility. However, they serve to complete the daily contribution.
  • Getting a sufficient protein intake is key to maximizing hypertrophy, as evidenced by research published in the journal Nutrients.
  • It has antioxidants. Excessive consumption of these elements in the context of exercise is not positive. They could inhibit cell communication and block the growth of lean mass.

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Yeast consumption has historical popularity in team sports such as football, baseball and basketball. Photo: MRBIG_PHOTOGRAPHY

How to take brewer’s yeast for muscle mass

  • Capsules or tablets: These capsules are available at pharmacies or health food stores and are sold without a prescription. Many of these come in different presentations and with different servings per dose, therefore, it is necessary that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter.
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Depending on the grams contained in each tablet, they are taken between 1 or 2 before lunch. However, we recommend that you start with one and then include the other later.

  • Powder in food: This is the healthier and cheaper alternative. Consume it as a complement to meals, drinks or yogurts, as is commonly done with oatmeal. This presentation is more effective because it is absorbed faster by the body.

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With the consumption of yeast, the muscles will appear fuller, as it actually draws water into the muscle cells. Photo: MRBIG_PHOTOGRAPHY

How to take brewer’s yeast?

What should be done is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid an excess of certain elements. On the other hand, it is possible to find powdered brewer’s yeast. It is usually cheaper, which is why it is the preferred option of many.

What is recommended for an average healthy adult is between 3 and 4 grams per day distributed in doses of 1 gram. Therefore, if you are going to take it in tablespoons, it is better to weigh it first on a kitchen scale.

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It is important not to exceed these doses to avoid a rebound effect and end up gaining excessive weight. Knowing that 1 gram per dose should be consumed, this is the distribution that is recommended:

Tablespoons of brewer’s yeast taken per day
One gram after performing your daily exercise routine, preferably in the evening.
If you are one of the people who exercises on an empty stomach, it is not recommended to consume brewer’s yeast after the activity because it can be heavy for the body. In this case, it is best to eat breakfast and include the corresponding gram in that meal.
One gram 5-10 minutes before lunch to allow the body to fully absorb the yeast before the meal. Try to make it at lunch and not at dinner, as this prevents the accumulation of fat during the night.
One gram at snack so that the body transforms said yeast into energy during the day and is assimilated correctly.

In conclusion, initially consume the first 3 grams per day, for a couple of weeks and then increase the dose to 2 at one of the meals, preferably at lunch so that the rest of the day’s activity transforms it and does not accumulate.


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