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This is how the youngest grandson of “Cantinflas” lives: Lost in the streets, cleaning windshields because of his drug addiction and without a home to sleep

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Mario Moreno “Cantinflas”is an icon of culture Mexican, which became famous during the so-called “Epoch of the Mexican Golden Cinema”, until becoming a figure known worldwide due to its funny character.


And even though, thanks to his talent for comedy and the many jobs he starred in, he amassed a great fortune, his offspring did not enjoy the same success as him. So much so, that the family had quite hard times, and still has, because one of the grandchildren lives lost in his addiction to drugs.

The hard life on the street of Gabriel Moreno Bernat, the grandson of “Cantinflas”

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Gabriel Moreno Bernat He is the youngest descendant of Mario Moreno Ivanova -the only son that “Cantinflas” had-, and from a very young age he went to live on the streets from a small town in the state of Puebla, Mexico. This was due to his strong addiction to drugs, for which, in the words of Gabriel himself, he even stole in order to pay for his consumption, according to the Herald of Mexico.


Mario Moreno’s nephew wins rights to “Cantinflas”

The young man, a descendant of one of the most important figures in his country, left his home, claiming to have “family problems”.

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Gabriel lost part of the fortune left by his grandfather, and even dedicated himself for a time to cleaning windshields on the street to earn a living.

In 2017, he counted for the TV show “Suelta la Sopa” that his own father, Mario Moreno Ivanova, was the one who introduced him to the world of drugs “so that he would become a man.”

In this program it was learned that the young man lived in a sports field in Tecamachalco in Mexico City, and thanks to the charity of a woman he was adopted by a family, who helped them in a family quesadilla stand.

However, before he died in 2017, Mario Moreno Ivanova said that he did everything possible for the boy to take a good path, but Gabriel “preferred” to live on the street.

What happened to the Cantinflas inheritance

Shortly after his father’s death, Gabriel decided to go into rehabilitation and it was learned that he left in 2019, but until now the whereabouts and lifestyle of the young man are unknown.

The complicated family of “Cantinflas”

Mario Moreno Ivanova was the only child of “Cantinflas” with the Russian citizen Valentina Ivanovaand was adopted, since the couple could never have biological descendants.

“I can sue her for kidnapping, but she is pregnant”: Granddaughter of “Cantinflas” is accused by her mother of locking her up in a rehabilitation clinic and taking all her assets

Moreno Ivanova, married twice. In his first marriage he had two children, and in the second, he had another three, who were Mario Moreno Bernat, Marisa Moreno Bernat and Gabriel Moreno Bernat, according to data from El Mundo.

Marisa, Gabriel’s sister, apparently suffered from domestic violenceand Mario Moreno Bernat committed suicide in 2013 in a hotel in Mexico.

The same medium narrates that, a year before his death, Mario Moreno Bernat had also denounced that his father (Moreno Ivanova) abused him physically and psychologically, and like his brother Gabriel, declared that it was his father who initiated him into drugs and alcohol. (AND)

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Source: Eluniverso

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