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Banco de la Nación will abide by the August 6 holiday and will not attend its branches

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Banco de la Nación announced that its staff will observe the August 6 holiday, arranged by the Government to commemorate the 198th anniversary of the Battle of Junín. Therefore, they will not attend in person at their agenciesbut they recommend using their digital channels, agents Y Multi-network ATMs.

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“The National bank informs its clients and users that on Saturday, August 6, it will observe the new holiday, declared under Law No. 31530, in order to commemorate the 198th anniversary of the Battle of Junín that sealed the Independence of Peru”, they indicated in a statement.

Digital channels of Banco de la Nación

Review these options to carry out operations quickly and safely without leaving home:

Both August 6 and December 9 will be national holidays in 2022. Photo: Composition LR / El Peruano

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Also, the National bank makes its network available agents Y cashiers:

Does the August 6 holiday apply to the private and public sectors?

The Law 31530which declares August 6 as a national holiday, directly mentions the entities and public institutions. But this mandatory rest also applies to the private sectoras confirmed by the labor lawyer Ricardo Herrera.

“Although it is true article 1 of the law that declares August 6 as holiday it only refers to the public sector, article 2 modifies the law of paid breaks, which is Legislative Decree 713, and in that modification includes this date as a holiday. In this way it is shown that also for the private sector its day National holiday”, indicated the expert.

In August there will be two national holidays: August 6 and August 30. Photo: Composition LR/Andean

How much should I be paid if I work this holiday, August 6?

Employees who work remotely, face-to-face or semi-face-to-face on holidays have the right to receive triple remuneration. This is in case they have not negotiated a substitute break with the employer, as detailed in the Legislative Decree 713.

The manager of the Legal Center of the Liam Chamber of Commerce (CCL), Álvaro Gálvez, detailed some cases to take into account for calculating remuneration:

  • paid holidays: National holidays, such as August 6, apply to public and private workers. Remember that these holidays are paid without the obligation to provide services to the employer.
  • If you work on holidays without substitute rest: Private sector workers who agree with their employers to work on these dates, without subsequent substitute rest, must receive triple daily remuneration for said holiday: one for the holiday and another with the 100% surcharge for having worked on the holiday.
  • If you work on a holiday with substitute rest: Remember that workers who agree to work on said holiday with substitute rest will receive their normal remuneration.
  • If you work remotely: As well as in face-to-face cases, workers who have been working remotely also have the holiday. Therefore, they have the right to receive their remuneration without working. In case an agreement is reached with your employer that you will work on said holiday without substitute rest, they are also entitled to the triple payment of their daily remuneration.
  • If I am on medical leave during the holiday: Workers who are on medical leave during holidays, which coincides with the first 20 days of rest in 2022, must receive holiday pay without having worked. Meanwhile, if the rest is after the 21st, the employer pays the holiday, not as remuneration, but as a subsidy.
  • If I am on vacation during the holidays: Workers who are enjoying annual vacations during the National Holidays are not entitled to receive additional remuneration. This is because the holiday must already be included in your vacation remuneration.

Source: Larepublica

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