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Know how the payment of the social debt to teachers and administrators will be prioritized

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On June 16, the National Government ordered the transfer of S/ 200 million to the country’s regional governments to continue with the payment of social debt to the teachers, unemployed, retirees and administrators of the Education sector. The amount will be to continue amortizing the payment of judicial sentences as res judicata until December 31, 2021 for the concept of class preparation and evaluation.

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For the regional governments of the south there are 17,163 beneficiaries, according to the list published by the Ministry of Education. Arequipa has the largest number of beneficiaries with 6,850, and received S/ 40 million 89 thousand 180. It is followed Cuzco, with 4504, and will have S/ 26 million 506 thousand 915, while Puno must distribute S/ 21 million 734 thousand 645 for 3,713 beneficiaries. While, Moquegua must deliver amount to 648, with S/ 3 million 505 thousand 098 and, finally, Tacna was given S/ 8 million 600 thousand 949 to distribute it to 1,448 people.

Each regional government, through permanent committees, made a list that was approved by the Multisectoral Evaluation Commission, made up of the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Ministry of Justice. Through Supreme Decree No. 128-2022-EF, it was established that this fund will not be used for other purposes.


The payment is part of the debt that the State maintains with the educators. The executing units of each regional government will be in charge of depositing the money in the teachers’ accounts. In the case of Arequipa the Ugel North Arequipa (S/ 12 million) and South Arequipa (S/ 20 million) received the largest amount. In that sense, the payment will be prioritized as follows:

  1. Teachers and administrators with terminal illnesses who may receive up to S / 30,000
  2. People with advanced illness or severe disability and they can be given S / 10,000
  3. Teachers over 65 years of age who would receive S / 6,000)
  4. Personnel under 65 years of age who could receive S / 4,000
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The leader of the Simag, Walter Andia, qualified that the payment is made by “drop count”. He pointed out that in the region there are more than 14,000 who are owed for concepts of class preparation, assignment of years of service and allowances for mourning and burial expenses. He calculated that on average each creditor should be paid S / 60,000. “Other alternatives must be sought to pay, such as the delivery of land, which is a bill that is filed in Congress,” he said. He indicated that the national debt would reach S / 7,000 million. There is still no official date for the availability of the money, but in the case of the Regional Government of Arequipa, they could be collected in the fortnight of July 2022.

Payment to other sectors

The Government also ordered the delivery of S / 181 million 529 thousand 624 to the regional governments so that they can also pay the social debt to workers in other sectors. For example, for Arequipa S/ 15 million 718 thousand 653 soles were injected. The sector that will receive the most money is the Honorio Delgado Espinoza Hospital (S/ 4 million) and Transportation (S/ 3 million).

Source: Larepublica

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