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Know the price of food in the main markets of Lima and regions

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With information from URPI-LR

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This Tuesday, November 22, the strike of heavy cargo carriers began, so users wonder if this will affect the prices of the main foods that make up the basic family basket. For this reason, a team of The Republic toured the main markets of Lima and regions.

In the Mariscal Ramón Castilla Market in Cercado de Lima, the lemon was between S/ 7.00 and S/ 9.00, depending on the quality. Regarding the different varieties of potato, the yungay increased by S/ 0.50, since before the strike it was S/ 3.00. The black potato rose S/ 1.00, before it cost S/ 3.00.

The yellow potato was found at S/ 8.00, when last week it was quoted at around S/ 6.00. While the kilo of tomatoes and onions increased by S/ 0.50, it now costs S/ 4.00 and S/ 3.00, respectively.

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Carrots went from S/ 2.50 to S/ 4.00 per kilo, while sweet potatoes went from S/ 2.50 to S/ 3.00.

In the La Aurora Market in Cercado de Lima, a kilo of lemon costs S/ 7.00 per season, carrots are S/ 2.40, while yesterday it was S/ 3.50. The price of tomatoes remains at S/ 3.50.

In the case of potatoes, the yungay is S/ 2.80, that is, it only increased S/ 0.30. In the case of the yellow potato, it increased by S/ 1.00, now it is at S/ 7.00. Meanwhile, the onion increased by S/ 0.30, since it now costs S/ 2.80.

Market tour. Photo: Deysi Portuguez / URPI-LR

In the Mercado Carhuaz de Breña the panorama is similar. The lemon is worth S/ 6.50, S/ 0.50 more than last week. The carrot has recovered its price today and reaches S/ 2.50, when yesterday it reached S/ 4.00 as a direct effect of the strike.

The yungay potato doubled its price and reached S/ 3.00. The yellow one reached S/ 7.00 when it cost only S/ 3.00. Spinach fell S/ 1.00, since today it was trading at S/ 6.00.

Both tomato and onion remain at S/ 3.50 and S/ 2.00, respectively.

Food prices in three regions

In the Model Market of Chiclayo There has been no increase in prices due to the strike of carriers, but for the past 15 days because the inputs used to feed pigs, goats and cattle have increased in value.

  • Beef (per kilo) at S/ 23.00
  • Pork/loin (per kilo) at S/ 23.00
  • Pork/rib (per kilo) at S/ 20.00

While, a kilo of chicken costs S/ 9.00, the price it has been for a month, as reported by traders. For their part, vegetables and tubers also maintain their value per kilo.

  • Yellow potato at S/ 6.00
  • Cassava at S/ 3.00
  • Tomato at S/ 3.00
  • Sweet potato at S/ 2.50
  • Onion at S/ 3.00

The Moshoqueque Wholesale Market in José Leonardo Ortiz (Chiclayo) is supplied for a week, so prices do not change.

According to the testimony of Raúl Caicedo, owner of a cevichería, since Tuesday, November 22, day 1 of the transport strike, the value of some products increased:

  • Lemon cost S/ 20.00 per cent, now it is quoted at S/ 26.00
  • Toyo fish is S/ 25.00 per kilo and before it was worth S/ 20.00

Here some prices of the Vinocanchón Market of Cuscoone of the regions that complied with the strike:

  • Pulp beef (per kilo) at S/ 28.00
  • Lamb meat (per kilo) at S/ 18.00
  • Pork bacon (per kilo) at S/ 18.00
  • Chicken (per kilo) at S/ 12.50 (it has increased S/ 0.50)

Vinocanchón Market, Cusco. Photo: Alexander Flores/URPI – L-R

While vegetables and tubers have increased in price: yellow potato (S/ 7.00), papa sica (S/ 4.00), cassava (S/ 4.00), tomato (S/ 5.00), sweet potato (S/ 3.50), onion (S/ 2.50), carrot (S/ 2.00) and lemon (S/ 6.50).

In the Market Complex of piura there has been no increase carrier strike Until now. The vehicles supply the market complex on Tuesdays and Fridays. The first day they received merchandise normally, they hope that the situation will be similar tomorrow.

  • 1 kilo of chicken: S/ 9.00 (decreased compared to previous weeks)
  • 1 kilo of pork: S/ 17.00
  • 1 kilo of duck: S/ 23.00 (increased since the beginning of the month)
  • 1 kilo of turkey: S/ 35.00 (increased since the beginning of the month)

We were also able to obtain the price of some vegetables per kilo such as potatoes (S/ 3.00), onion (S/ 2.00), tomato (S/ 1.00), apple (S/ 5.00), tangerine ( S/ 4.00) and 2 avocados for S/ 5.00.

In the Capullanas Market, another important grocery store in the province of Piura, the shortage of fish was identified due to the strike of transporters and the strike of fishermen.

In all types of fish, an increase of S/ 2.00 per kilo was identified, such as: bonito (S/ 11.00), cachema (S/ 16.00) and grouper (S/ 26.00).

Fruits in Trujillo. Photo: Yolanda Goicochea / URPI – LR

In the Central Market of Trujillo the Santa Rosa apple went up S/ 2.00 and now costs S/ 10.00, the tangerines went up S/ 0.50, and now they cost S/ 3.00.

The traders pointed out that This Wednesday, November 23, there were no fruits or vegetables, since the trucks were stranded.

In the Mercado Mayorista de Trujillo market, vegetables increased their prices by 5% according to a vendor. For example, lemon went from S/ 195.00 a bag to S/ 200.00, broccoli went from S/ 2.50 to S/ 3.00 and purple corn from S/ 2.50 to S/ 3.00.

Source: Larepublica

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