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You no longer need toilet paper! Smart toilets arrived in Ecuador

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What some time ago became very popular in Asian countries, such as Japan, is now available in our country. These are smart toilets, which at first glance look like traditional toilets, but unlike these, they integrate electronic systems with a variety of functions, depending on the model and price.

Among the features, a nozzle that emits jets of water for intimate hygiene stands out. It has no contact with the user and has its own self-cleaning system after each use. Another very particular function is the temperature regulator, both for the cup and for the water that emerges from the spout; and the drying system, reasons why the use of toilet paper would no longer be necessary.

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Faster and more efficient connections, the characteristics of Wi-Fi 6 technology

An added benefit is the care of the delicate genital area through grooming, especially in women; Glenda Ayala Véliz, obstetrician-gynecological surgeon at Alfredo Paulson Hospitalexplains that this area deserves to have the pertinent care due to the multiple components it has, such as sweat glands, sebaceous glands, mucous glands, etc., which makes this area quite humid.

“Therefore, your cleanliness should always be a priority and the more natural, the better, and what better element than water, to keep that area clean”, mentions the expert. However, she warns that this type of hygiene should be repeated only when necessary, since its abuse could cause an alteration of the vaginal pH, responsible for protection against microorganisms.

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Below we show two alternatives that already market toilets with this technology in the country. Learn about the main features offered by each one.

Neo Bath

FV has the smart toilet Neo Bath, which combines the functions of toilet and bidet in the same piece. This electronic toilet allows the user to select the temperature of the seat, the water for washing and the drying air.

FV has the Neo Bath smart toilet, which combines the functions of toilet and bidet in the same piece for your bathroom. Photo: Courtesy FV

The built-in water jet nozzle, which can also be regulated in pressure, it slides according to the area of ​​intimate washing that you want to attend to.

It also has a cavity through which deodorized bad odors come out, and it has an infrared sensor that detects the lack of light and automatically turns on the led night light located around the seat to guide the user at night. Includes an intuitive remote control to manage the different functions, the same one that is activated up to three meters away from the toilet.

Beware of smart devices at home. Someone could be watching or listening

Neo Bath is an eco-friendly product not only because it consumes an average of 4.7 liters per flush, which is equivalent to saving 60% of water compared to a traditional toilet, but also because among its intelligent functions it has energy self-saving, which is activated when the toilet is not being used.

It should be noted that by incorporating the bidet itself, the use of toilet paper is no longer necessary, being very beneficial not only for the health of the user but also for the environment.

Sofía Báez, manager of the FV Sanitary Line – Andean Area


It is a seat that, once installed, will provide your toilet with all its functionalities, turning it into a smart bathroom. The Competition, a company dedicated to the import, sale and distribution of different innovative products in Ecuador, is the one who markets it.

self-monitoring technology diel allows you to take intimate personal hygiene to a higher level. It has a nozzle that launches jets of water to achieve a 360 ° cleaning. It also allows you to regulate the water temperature and gently dry with slightly hot air to eliminate odors, adapting to each person, automatic heating and night lighting, all controlled from a side panel or remote control.


  • Improves personal intimate hygiene. It provides more hygiene than the use of toilet paper, it comes with a water dispenser, which cleans and rinses the residue, providing a cleaner and fresher feeling. Ideal for feminine intimate hygiene and for discomfort when evacuating in both men and women.
  • Save money and help the environment. It is a solution to save costs of toilet paper at home, you will use less or not at all, since water is the cleaning medium. Additionally, it will also reduce the amount of garbage and waste generated in the home by using less toilet paper.
  • A more comfortable experience. It is more comfortable than using a traditional toilet, when you sit down you will feel a comfortable temperature and after just pressing a button, the gentle cleaning with a jet of water at the temperature and intensity chosen by the user.
  • Fewer plumbing problems. Traditional toilets tend to have more blockages than toilets with bidet seats due to the toilet paper discarded in this way.


  • The water pressure and the position of the nozzle can be adjusted.
  • Ideal for sensitive skin.
  • Hygienic washing by pressing a single button.
  • Ideal for the elderly or those with reduced mobility.
  • Children can easily use it.
  • It can reduce the chances of infection and invading germs.
  • You don’t need to use toilet paper, save more trees and prevent pollution. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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