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Raków did his job and gave reasons to be proud. He entered the fourth round

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In the 68th minute Vladislavs Gutkovskis took the spade in the middle of Spartak Trnava brilliantly, who passed to the right side to Ili Lopez. The Spaniard played in the penalty box to Władysław Koczerhin, and this shot between the goalkeeper’s legs scored a goal for Raków.

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A goal that the Polish runners-up earned in a few minutes. Until then, the performance of Marek Papszun’s team did not look good. It was only after the 60th minute that Rakw got up and started to pose a threat under the goal of Dominik Takac.

Although Ivi and Patryk Kun had a good shot just before the goal of Kocherhin, until then the guests were closer to scoring. In the 54th minute, Miłan Ristowski received a pass from the right side, but although he received the ball well, he hit much too hard over the goal, being one-on-one with Kacper Trelowski.

Raków defeated Spartak and was promoted

The same pickup player could also score a goal in the 29th minute. He could, but he decided to shoot too slowly and although he was in a good position, he did not surprise Trelowski. Rakowa’s game did not impress for a long time. The runners-up of Poland lost a lot of balls, they were inaccurate, at times they looked as if they were playing together for the first time.

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Nevertheless, Papshun’s team probably achieved a good result in the first match. A week ago, Raków won away from home 2-0 after two goals from Ivi. In the aggregate match, the inhabitants of Częstochowa triumphed 3-0 and advanced to the last qualifying round of the League of European Conferences.

Raków gave the fans reasons to be proud. In this year’s qualifiers to the LKE, he played four matches. He won all of them, noting a goal score of 9: 0.

Raków’s rival will be either Slavia Praga or Panathinaikos. The Czechs, who won 2-0 at home a week ago, are closer to this.

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