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The West seals with Ukraine the commitment to support its reconstruction

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The West sealed with Ukraine the commitment to sustain its reconstruction process, which this country estimates will cost 720,000 million euros and which will have to meet a series of criteria, among which the fight against corruption, transparency and supervision have been highlighted. of the funds delivered.

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The first two-day conference for the reconstruction of Ukraine concluded today with the adoption of the Declaration of Lugano (Swiss city where it took place) by Ukraine and representatives of forty countries and fifteen international, financial and humanitarian organizations.

This meeting has been the launching of a platform for reconstruction, which Ukraine does not want to wait for the end of the war and which it considers that, in certain aspects, it can start now.

According to the Declaration, Ukraine will be in control of its own recovery, but will carry it out in collaboration with the countries and entities that offer support, and the progress and use of financial resources will be monitored on a regular basis.

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Transparency is another issue that was emphasized during the conference, in particular the need to guarantee an independent Judiciary.

In the index on the perception of corruption of Transparency International, a renowned NGO in this field, Ukraine appears in 122nd place among 180 countries.

The reconstruction and development of Ukraine cannot be carried out centrally, but with “democratic participation” and taking into account local communities and the solutions they propose, says another section of the Declaration.

The Prime Minister of Ukraine, Denis Chmygal, was in charge of presenting the reconstruction plan drawn up by his government to the international community.

This is not limited to the rehabilitation of infrastructures, but also emphasizes that economic, social and environmental management must also be better after the war, whose end is not in sight due to the slim chance of a ceasefire or a political agreement in the short term.

“We have just prepared the post-war period, despite the fact that the conflict continues,” Swiss President Ignazio Cassis commented at the closing ceremony.

At this conference, the United States announced that it would allocate more than US$6 billion in the coming months to Ukraine, while France also promised economic and military aid, and Switzerland offered to double its funding.

The next conference for the reconstruction of Ukraine will be held in the United Kingdom in 2023 and Germany has expressed its willingness to host the one that would take place the following year.

Source: Gestion

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