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A rape scene was forced on her. “Don’t be afraid, it’s just a movie”. This role destroyed her life

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“Don’t be afraid, it’s just a movie,” Marlon Brando whispered in Maria Schneider’s ear, then immobilized her. She was so scared that all she could do was cry. One of the scenes of the controversial production “Last Tango in Paris” was recorded in this way. The main axis of the film is the erotic relationship of 45-year-old American Paul () and 20-year-old French Jeanne (Maria Schneider). They met shortly after the main character’s wife committed suicide. The couple’s meetings last until the funeral of Paul’s wife.

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The actress was a victim of sexual violence. “She ran out of the cinema, shouting that she did not want to live, but to collapse into the ground”

It was 1972, and Maria Schneider, nearly 20, was invited by director Bernard Bertolucci to star in his latest production. Why did he choose an inexperienced actress? Maria reminded him of “the more perverse Lolita”. Schneider was aware of the nature of the film. She knew the scenes she would act in would be erotic. She did not expect “Last Tango in Paris” to turn her life into hell. In one scene, Paul (Brando) raped Jeanne (Schneider) anally with butter. It was so brutal that the moment was marked “X”. The actress was unaware of what they did to her. She saw everything only at the premiere. – I was with Maria when she watched “Last Tango in Paris” for the first time. She was shocked. She had no idea what they did to her. She ran out of the cinema, shouting that she did not want to live, but to collapse into the ground. This movie ruined her life, recalls Esther Anderson.

The film brought Schneider international fame, but left its mark on her. She was only associated as a sex symbol. For many years she hated the director who humiliated her.

“I didn’t want Maria to just play her humiliation, her anger.”

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After many years (in 2013) it turned out that no detail of the brutal rape scene was consulted with the young actress. Schneider was tricked into him. Bertolucci and Brando wanted the girl’s reaction to be genuine at all costs. There couldn’t be any acting, Maria must have felt humiliated. Not only that, Bertolucci came up with everything while you wait! “Marlon and I ate breakfast on the floor where we were filming. There was a baguette and butter (…)”. He continued, “I was kind of terrible to Maria because I didn’t tell her anything. But I didn’t want Maria to play her humiliation, her anger. I wanted to see her reaction as a girl, not an actress. I feel very guilty for that, but not I regret” – . These words caused great outrage among actors and filmmakers.

I will never look at this movie, Bertolucci or Brando the same again. It’s extremely disgusting. I’m furious

– wrote Chris Evans on Twitter.

Evan Rachel Wood, who herself was raped twice, was furious with Bertolluci and Brando for what they had done to Maria.

Jessica Christian also commented on the movie:

To all those who love this movie: watch a 48-year-old raping a 19-year-old girl. The director planned an attack on her. I feel sick.

“In a way, I was raped by both Brando and Bertolucci.”

Six years before the above-mentioned interview, Maria Schneider was interviewed for the Daily Mail. She told about what happened on the set of “The Last Tango in Paris”. Nobody took her words seriously. Marlon said, ‘Maria, don’t be afraid, it’s just a movie.’ But during this scene, even though what Marlon was doing wasn’t real, my tears were real. Honestly, I felt humiliated. In a way, raped by both Brando and Bertolucci. Afterwards, Marlon didn’t even apologize to me, she said. The role destroyed her life. Nobody supported her. She was harassed and running into drugs. She spent several years in a psychiatric hospital. The actress died in 2011.

What does Brando himself say? He stated that “Last Tango in Paris” was a manipulation of the director, and he himself did not know what the film was about. Bertolucci also began to defend himself. After all, Schneider was reading the script! According to the director, she knew about the rape scene. Maria didn’t know that Marlon and I decided to use butter in this scene. We wanted her spontaneous reaction. Hence the misunderstanding -.

Source: Gazeta

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