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Mypes want to buy electricity from generators

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The president of the United Mypes Association of Peru (MUP)Daniel Hermosa Negreiros, reported that the Congressional Energy and Mines Commission will hold a session where it will address bills 900 and 937. These seek to grant the possibility to medium, small and micro-enterprises, to be able to acquire electricity directly from the generating companies.

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Hermoza explained that currently this group of companies They are required by law to acquire energy from the distribution companies that operate in their respective regions.at high commercial rates.

The bills belong to the groups of Free Peru and Popular Force, and propose to reduce the electricity fence from 200kW to 50kWso that regulated users can migrate to the free market and allow them to generate savings of up to 30% in the payment of electricity bills.

Beautiful remembered that since 2009 the minimum consumption to be a free customer is 200 kW. He explained that the change in the norm would allow between 20,000 and 25,000 small, medium and micro companies to access the cheapest rates offered by the 52 power generators that work in the country.

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Also, customers will be able to decide which company to buy from, regardless of location. Of course, it is likely that some tax must be paid for the use of transmission lines that depend on local distributors. Even so, the cost difference will be relevant.

He explained that the cost reduction would be up to 30%, which in these times would give a small company more options to grow and survive in a market hit by the pandemic and the rise in prices of basic supplies.

He emphasized that according to the Government’s own statistics, small and large companies are the ones that have paid the most for the “Reactiva” credit, which the Government granted as economic aid in the midst of the pandemic.

“However, medium-sized companies they have only been able to do it in an average of 25%. And that is concerning,” she said.

For the businessman, this statistic is an example of the difficult situation in which medium-sized companies find themselves after more than two years of the pandemic.

Once again, he stressed that it is necessary for Congress to approve this bill and that there be no observation from the Executive Power, since the measure will help a large sector that has not received any economic aid from the Central Government. The measure will help a large sector that has not received any economic aid from the Government.

Costs and increases

Between 2021 and 2022, energy prices on the regulated market rose from US$45 to US$53/MWh (18% increase).

According to data from the Supervisory Agency for Investment in Energy and Mining and the Committee for the Economic Operation of the System, the regulated price of energy costs 53 US$/MWh while the free price of energy is US$30/MWh.

Source: Larepublica

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