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The story of the horror cult, the Kingston clan: men practice polygamy and marry each other to maintain the purity of the family blood

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A wedding could mean one of the happiest moments for any woman. But, when it comes to a marriage in the Kingston Clan, it is the beginning of a nightmare and permission to suffer rape, join polygamy and commit incest.

The Mormon cult in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States, known as the Kingston Clan, is an organization that accepts polygamy and is totally inbred. Women are forced to marry men of “pure Kingston blood to maintain the race,” according to the BBC.

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In the Kingston clan they marry each other to “maintain the race”

When a girl from the clan reaches the age of 14, it is time to get married. The teenager is given a list of men, all direct relatives, and she has to choose one of them as her husband. In all cases, up to 20 years older than them.

Daniel Kingston, one of the leaders of this sect, had more than 12 wives and abused their daughters. In addition, he approved that his brothers had sexual relations with them, marrying them as soon as they were 14 years old.

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The history of the clan dates back to 1929. At that time, Utah prohibited polygamy and the Mormons complied with that rule, but the Kingston family wanted to continue under their own law and founded their own religion, known as the Kingston Clan or The Order.

In the sect they preached the doctrine of incest, the Kingstons only marry the Kingstons, the women had neither voice nor vote and had to abide by what their elders said, primarily their parents.

A woman refused and wanted to end the Kingston clan

A girl named Braklyn did not approve of the sect’s rules and reported the case to the United States Justice and gave her testimony to the BBC.

Braklyn said that she was raped by her husband, who was also her cousin. Women within the Kingston laws have no room to complain or refuse and are subdued by their husbands and must respond to him sexually.

She caused everything to explode when her husband-cousin abused her baby in front of her.

Another of the Kingston girls, Jessica, the oldest of the sisters, was going to marry her uncle 28 years older than her, but she asked her aunt for help with whom she managed to obtain a restraining order against her own father and managed to disassociate herself. completely from them, going to a foster home and when she turned 18, she was adopted by a family.

Jessica, Shanell and Andrea are the three young women who managed to escape from The Order and were able to avoid polygamy and forced incest. Since their escape in 2013, they have told their story through a documentary called “Daughters of Polygamy.”

In the Kingston clan the men rule, and they may have more than one wife. In the case of women, they can only have one husband and are forced to marry within the family to preserve purity.

“We had to have as many children as possible. There was no possibility of using contraceptive methods, nor refusing to have sex with our partner. In the event of a miscarriage of the pregnancy, we were punished,” said Jessica.

The three women reported that one of the main rules is that the girls save their first kiss for the day of the wedding and the couple cannot hold hands until the pre-wedding commitment. “A guy kissed me on the cheek and I felt guilty for three days straight. You feel like you’re going to hell,” Shanell recounted.

Kingston clan controversies

Downplaying polygamy, incest, and child abuse, the Kingston clan did face American justice, but for other reasons. Two brothers who are high-ranking members of The Order were convicted of 50 counts of tax fraud in 2019.

The allegations are against Jacob and Isaiah Kingston, as well as their mother Rachel and Jacob’s wife Sally. The two brothers are the sons of John Daniel Kingston, who is the leader of the sect, and Rachel is one of his 14 wives, as well as his second cousin.

Separately, the Utah Senate unanimously passed a bill in 2020 that made polygamy a simple offense, rather than a crime. There would still be punishments, but they would be minor, like a $750 fine or community service.

Despite the fact that polygamy had been declared a crime more than 85 years ago, it is still defended and practiced by many families in Utah, especially in Mormon communities.

The Kingston clan denies that child abuse and forced marriages exist in the sect. They even maintain that they motivate their more than 3,500 members to wait until they are 18 years old to get married.

David Ortell Kingston, another of the leaders, was sentenced to four years in prison on charges of incest and illegal sex with a minor, as his niece was only 15 years old when she became his fifteenth wife. (YO)

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