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‘My father was very nationalistic, he taught us to love our country,’ said Gilda Rubira, daughter of Carlos Rubira Infante, when unveiling the composer’s sculpture in Guayaquil

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In the middle of a sunny morning, the sculpture of the remembered singer-songwriter was unveiled Carlos Aurelio Rubira Infantewhich is very close to another Ecuadorian musical icon, Julio Jaramillo.


The statue measures one meter and eighty centimeters and is located at the foot of the Julio Jaramillo Museum of Popular Music, in Puerto Santa Ana.

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Carlos Rubira Infante and a call to never drop the pen


“This work, first its two bodies, the monument and its guitar, is cast in resin materials with fiberglass and then the cast was made in bronze. It is covered with a bronze patina and a glaze for its resistance to the elements”, they said during the presentation, which took place on Thursday, June 23.

“It also has a musical added value, which makes it another sound monument for Guayaquil. At 09:00 and 18:00 melodies such as Guayaquileño, warrior wood, Guayaquil golden gate, pretty girl and others,” they said.

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For Gilda Rubiradaughter of the composer, the sculpture signifies “the memory of his passage through musical education, of the youth who came here to the Julio Jaramillo Museum when he taught classes and who are now young.”

I believe that people from Guayaquil will never forget their roots and their culture, and part of our culture is our music. The important thing is that our music continues to be sung, that our children continue to learn those songs that have made history and that have been made with the heart, because they are the authentic heartbeat of the national composer brought to the staff. This is an example (it shows the sculpture), they already did it in Ambato, and I think that each province of Ecuador should do it, because my dad sang to each one of them and that it be musical, just like this one, for the children who come to learn a song not only because it is by Carlos Rubira Infante, but because it encloses our Ecuador”, he added.

He cited as an example that in El Oro you could put a statue that says ‘come meet El Oro’. “It is an invitation to a beautiful province. My dad was very nationalistic, he taught us to love our country. He always said that ‘soccer players divide our country with their feet, I intend to unite with my intellect’ and it’s true, he did it. Every Ecuadorian outside the country, and I know, cries many times because he longs for his (country) where he has left his family, “he said.

Gilda Rubira (white), daughter of Carlos Rubira, next to the sculpture of the singer-songwriter. Photo: The Universe

As part of the act of unveiling the sculpture, several artists participated, who interpreted Rubira Infante’s themes, among them, Fresia Saavedra, Hilda Murillo, Fernando Vargas, who was a student of the composer; the Musical Trio of the Julio Jaramillo Popular Museum, the duo Hermanas Cuadrado, Denisse and Lisseth; the band of the Municipality of Guayaquil and the Reminiscence Dance Academy.

Saavedra, who played What my Ecuador holds, said it was a fair tribute to the singer-songwriter. “People have been here accompanying us because Carlitos deserved this nice tribute, that they make him a very nice bust. He was such a wonderful person,” he stated.

The artist Fresia Saavedra next to the sculpture. Photo: The Universe

To keep Rubira Infante’s legacy alive, the artist pointed out that the songs of the Guayaquil native should be interpreted. “That’s what we’re going to do, just like we have Julio Jaramillo,” said Saavedra, who said that she met the artist when she was five years old, currently she is 88, on a radio artist program. Zenith.

“I met (also) Olimpo Cárdenas and I met him (Rubira Infante). I heard it record in the far away and many songs, because I lived in front of the recording studios and so I always went to hear them sing, the Cárdenas-Rubira duo”, he added.

The sculpture was made by the artist Hellen Constantewho said that one of the first steps to do the work is to make a model, which must be accepted not only by the authorities, but also by the family.

“Then we make a mechanical structure that has the corresponding iron, the mesh, then everything is done in clay, all the other parts that are not the face and the hands are in clay, the face and the hands I work a lot a lot and apart from what I do in plasticine so that no trace escapes. It has a casting process and with that it loses many of the things that the artist really captures, ”he explained.

Hellen Constante immortalizes the memory of Carlos Rubira Infante with a monument

Likewise, he indicated that after casting in clay, it is made in resin and fiberglass, and later it is passed to bronze.

In the musical part that accompanies the sculpture, Constante indicated that it is being worked on by a special sound engineer.

In addition to the artists, the family, several guests and authorities participated in the act, including Councilor Luzmila Nicolalde and Allyson Luna, director of Management and Cultural Promotion of the Municipality of Guayaquil.

Carlos Rubira Infante is part of the Hall of Fame of Latin Composers, in Miami, United States.

He passed away on September 14, 2018, at the age of 96. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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