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Ukraine denounces that Russia takes minors from the country to give them up for adoption

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Since the start of war in ukraine have passed away 346 children. But the bodies of all of them are not found. So far, a total of 203 have disappeared. Government of the invaded country find an explanation for this: Russia is giving them up for adoption or trying to reeducate them, says the analyst of ‘The World Order’ Alvaro de Arguelles.

This is one of the explanations found in those disappearanceswhich join the risks of war, as to be separated from their relatives. “If the family is scared they can get lost in a fast movement,” he explains. Arantxa Oses, responsible for Humanitarian Aid. In fact, these little boys and girls have a high risk of becoming victims of trafficking or exploitation, says Blanca Carazo, head of UNICEF Programs.

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The conflict leaves more than 9 million refugees Y more than 6 million internally displaced. half of them are minors. The invading country is using the Fundamental rights of children to generate fear, as is the case with attacks on schools or against water sources. This is a way of acting that has already been seen before – according to experts – in the war of Syria, Russia already did. The modus operandi is based on destroying population centers to force people to flee and thus control the territory more easily.

The main objective of this way of attacking is to create a demography be more akin. That is, eliminate any possible resistance, as is the case of children, who are the future of the country, explains Argüelles. According to NGO deployed on the ground, there are more than 5 million children in need of humanitarian aid in Ukraine.

Source: Lasexta

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