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What types of family does Ecuadorian law recognize?

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The concept of family has been transformed in recent decades, evolving according to global trends and demographic changes. In any case, the United Nations considers that The family is the basic unit of society.

There is not a single type of family, indicates the organism. The study Progress of women in the world 2018-2019 documents the great diversity of family structures and relationships existing in different regions, within each country and over time.

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According to this study, if the household is taken as the unit of analysis, just over a third of households on the planet (38%) are made up of a couple with children of any age. But even those households are far from homogeneous; they present differences in terms of income, for example, or the age of the daughters and sons who live in them.

Close to two-thirds of all households take other forms, and of these, around a third (27%) are extended households, in which grandmothers and grandfathers or aunts and uncles may reside, for example.

Single-parent households—of which 84% globally are made up of single mothers living with their children—and those made up of couples (heterosexual or homosexual) without children, are also common in many regions.

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In societies that are going through an aging process, single-person households are an increasingly frequent reality, indicates the UN report.

Types of homes, according to the UN Proportion of households by type, worldwide distribution
Couples with daughters and sons (of any age, including adults and adults) 38%
extensive 27%
single couple 13%
Unipersonal 13%
single parent 8%
no relation two %

The Ecuadorian Constitution recognizes the family in its various types.

Article 67 of the Magna Carta states that “the State will protect it as the fundamental nucleus of society and will guarantee conditions that fully favor the achievement of its goals.” “These will be constituted by legal or de facto ties and will be based on equal rights and opportunities for their members.”

That same article indicated that marriage was “the union between man and woman.” But on June 12, 2019, the Constitutional Court of Ecuador gave way to same-sex civil marriage.

Referendum in Cuba approved equal marriage, but with high abstention in voting

Ecuadorian Constitutional Court ruling encourages other LGBTI requests

In addition, article 68 indicates that “the stable and monogamous union between two people free from marriage who form a de facto household, for the period and under the conditions and circumstances indicated by law, will generate the same rights and obligations as families constituted in marriage. The adoption will correspond only to couples of different sex.”

The current reality of families will be known through VIII Population Census, VII of Housing and I of Communities of Ecuador of 2022. In addition to questions about relationship, number of children, among others, on this occasion, they will consult on gender identity and sexual orientation, in order to recognize the diversity of each inhabitant of Ecuador.

The census can be carried out online, in a first stage. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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