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Some colitis have symptoms similar to those of irritable bowel (but they are not)

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About three months ago, my sister relapsed with diarrhea, heartburn, gastric reflux, stomach pain and swelling. Through blood tests, feces and digestive endoscopy, he was diagnosed with a duodenal ulcer. Medications did not improve his ailments. We took her to the emergency room, where she was given a suppository and an anxiolytic. That was the trigger for her to get nervous in an impressive way. Desperate for this situation, we get her out of there. Last diagnosis was dyspepsia and irritable bowel syndrome. With medications he has improved remarkably; There are days when it dawns very well. But there are others in which you wake up with burning, diarrhea or constipation. He is afraid of pain. He thinks it’s cancer, but the doctor has told him that it is not so. He continues with the psychologist and takes a pill, but I don’t want him to depend on that. I don’t want him to relapse. How I can help her?


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Dear Patricia, you do not tell me the age or background (previous illnesses) of your sister. As her sister had heartburn and gastric reflux, she was well indicated to perform an upper endoscopy; thanks to that they were able to diagnose the duodenal ulcer and treat it.

However, you also describe that your sister has altered defecation habits (diarrhea alternating with constipation), bloating and abdominal pain; symptoms that indicate colon involvement.

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It is important to indicate that there are many diseases of the colon that can have symptoms similar to those of irritable bowel; are special colitisthat is, they have different causes and, therefore, their treatment is totally different from that of irritable colon.

There are even certain colitis that can seriously injure the mucosa of the colon and cause severe damage to the intestine.which greatly affects the quality of life of the patient, so timely diagnosis is important.

It is very important to make the relevant tests: colonoscopy with biopsies, special tests on stool and bloodand rule out other diseases of the colon, in order to avoid future complications.

Dr. María Luisa Jara Alba, gastroenterologist

Instagram: @dramarialuisajara

Source: Eluniverso

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