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Mallorca, a pioneer against climate change: opens the first hydrogen plant in southern Europe

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We live in a time when ending the energy dependency it is increasingly necessary and Mallorca has already got its act together to lead the way towards decarbonisation. We show it in the video: the island has inaugurated the first green hydrogen plant in southern Europe with the capacity to produce 300 tons a year from photovoltaic energy.

300 tons that will avoid, for example, the emissions and pollution produced by 980 cars and 16 buses on the island. Now all that remains is to deploy the necessary infrastructure to meet the objectives for the use of this energy, as Anton Martínez, director of Enagás Renewables and Services, tells laSexta: “It will be used in various parts of the Balearic economy such as mobility, electricity generation and heat.” Green hydrogen can be injected into the natural gas network, so that it reaches the industry or the hotel sector.

In addition, the hydrogen will be stored and distributed in the so-called hydrogen plants, refueling points for public buses or for the fleet of rental cars that move on the island.

the perfect technology

The process for manufacturing hydrogen is as follows: the solar energy generated with the photovoltaic panels that we show in the video will serve to subject the water stored in a tank to an electrolyser, which is what breaks the water molecule and creates hydrogen renewable.

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A process that will contribute to curbing the significant energy dependency of Balearic Islandsas explained Belen Linaresdirector of innovation at Acciona Energía, who points out that this “is a perfect technology to decarbonize the island”. In addition, he adds, “it has positioned Spain as the example to follow throughout southern Europe.

This initiative, the first already tangible of renewable hydrogen in a Mediterranean country, has been possible thanks to European funds. Because promoting green hydrogen is among the objectives of the European Parliament, which seeks that in 2050 the Balearic Islands are free of fossil fuels.

The recovery of the mills

The green hydrogen plant is just one of several projects promoted with European funds that seek to lead the fight against climate change on the island. Three other projects from the funds Next Generation They intend to completely change the tourist enclave starting with Alcúdia, where they are committed to sustainable energy projects that respect the environment. In the first of them, Mallorca is going to reconvert a hundred of the 3,000 iconic hydraulic mills that there are on the island in windmills that generate wind energy. The second seeks to convert a thermal plant that has been 38 years without being used in a leading research center. consists And on the other hand, the Consell de Mallorca is going to transform the Estany dels Pontsthe largest on the island, in a high-performance sports center that could become an international benchmark for canoeing.

Source: Lasexta

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