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From Colombia, the artist Manú celebrates his single ‘No tenerte’

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in 2020 Manú began to record in his home studio the first songs that he had already been writing years ago. And finally, in February 2021 launches your body, single presented to RCN TV for the soap opera to love you. From that moment he began to hang out with musicians like Daniel Álvarez, Santiago De Luchi, Nico Legreti, Nabález and Beele. This year he was also nominated for the Revelation Artist category at the Our Earth Awards.

What was the inspiration behind your theme not have you?

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It was not a story that happened to me specifically, but with my team we did want to convey a story about that moment when we are dating a person, just beginning to date, and there is still a bit of fear because there are insecurities behind one and however, one does not want to lose that person with whom one would like to think about the future. It is a real way of telling that moment where not everything is perfect, because there are things in our past, but one is still there to try.

What musical influences or genres are mixed in this musical proposal?

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There is an urban part, cool, somewhat contemporary, but there is also a pop base that I like a lot, a lot of guitar in the part of the melody, of the voice. There is that very nice pop base and little things in the lyrics that also give it that urban touch in the beat and I really like that mix.

tell me about the video clip

Fortunately, the music video has been very well received and I loved shooting it. Because it wasn’t about following what the song says to the letter, but also exploring a bit and leaving people with an open interpretation of what the song could also be. A part was recorded in New York and another here in Bogotá.

What artists influence you or have marked your musical path?

The Beatles, definitely, I even have tattoos and everything (laughs). I think they have been the top of my influence and always will be. But looking also at the contemporary, because one also has to look at what is happening right now, I feel that artists like Camilo, Sebastián Yatra, Cepeda or sounds like Dua Lipa or what Harry Styles is doing have filled me a lot too, they have been very important references to take inspiration and continue creating.

How did you receive the nomination for revelation artist at the Nuestra Tierra awards?

Well, very, very happy. I feel that it is a recognition of all the work that I have been doing since I started a little over a year and a half ago, because in the end it bears fruit and as long as one does everything with love, with passion and is faithful to what one wants, I feel that at the moment that everything has to arrive, things are going to happen little by little.

What was it like launching your music career almost during a global pandemic? What challenges did it bring or how did it benefit you?

Yes, in fact, my first song was in the midst of a pandemic, I remember visiting schools through Zoom, but everything was still very special because I also had to learn a lot from social networks, which today are key to promoting yourself as an artist and you Project. So it was a great learning on that side and, as soon as I had the first concerts, it was strange for me because I had always been singing to the computer and I saw everyone on Zoom, but now connecting with people live, that was very, very special. .

How is your creative process to compose?

I think there are no rules for that and at any moment I can get a melody that I like or I pick up the guitar and something comes out. riff and I record it; or many times when one works in a team there is also a lot of flow, one arrives with ideas that have already come up for another and we embody them there as a team. Or watching TikTok, let’s say, it has happened to me that I see some idea, some phrase and I think it would be cool for a song or to tell it through a song, so the creative process can come in any way.

What are your next projects?

By the end of this semester a lot of music is coming in a genre that I love right now, as I was telling you, half funky Y disk and a song of that type is coming. Also collaborations with emerging friends because we always support each other here as artists (…) What follows makes me very happy.

What is your biggest dream or goal as an artist?

The main thing is not to stop making music with this passion and being real and being faithful to what I like and being happy making the music that I like. Whatever life brings and whatever music brings, at that moment, well, I’ll enjoy it. As long as I am calm with the music I make, happy with what I have, I am willing to receive what life sends me.

Source: Eluniverso

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