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The rawest image of war: the moment a missile hits a building in Kiev, Ukraine

The rawest image of war: the moment a missile hits a building in Kiev, Ukraine

a russian missile has impacted this morning in an apartment building west of Kiev, which has been badly damaged, leaving a huge hole in at least six floors.

A city camera has captured the moment in which the device has collided with the building, creating a great noise that could be heard kilometers from the place.

Although it is unknown if this attack has left fatalities, the mayor of Kiev, Vitali Klistchko, hIt has been reported that at least 35 people have been injured. last morning, including two children.

Likewise, he has denied through a statement from his municipal cabinet the presence of regular Russian troops in the city after a night of intense fighting and attempts by the Russian Army to control the Ukrainian capital.

“The Army, the Police and the National Guard, the Territorial Defense Units and the volunteer corps defend the city,” he assured, after pointing out that they are installing barricades on various streets of the citywhich could hamper the movement of transport.

However, he stressed that key city services are operating normally and assured that public transport, including the subway, which also serves as a bomb shelter, allows essential workers to be transported to their jobs.

There will be more hard days and nights, but we will survive“, he added, noting that “justice is on our side”.

Source: Lasexta

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