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Almost 40% of the European Central Bank’s staff suffers from burnout syndrome

Almost 40% of the employees of the European Central Bank (ECB) have the burnout syndrome (burnout worker) and 9.1% harbor suicidal thoughts, according to a survey commissioned by the personnel committee which concludes that levels of exhaustion in the body have increased in recent years.

The survey, to which EFE had access this Wednesday, was carried out by the supplier Psy@work for the ECB’s staff committee between April and May 2024 and was based on the responses of 1,602 ECB employees.

The survey found that 38.9% of the ECB’s workforce suffered from burnout, an increase of more than five points compared to the previous survey in 2021, when 33.2% of employees mentioned burnout.

In addition, 17.4% of respondents reported feeling burnt out, while 38.8% of employees reported suffering from a mood disorder (anxiety and/or depression) and 9.1% reported having suicidal thoughts, compared to 6.1% in 2021.

In this regard, 72.8% of employees reported experiencing work-related psychosomatic symptoms – including headaches, insomnia or concentration problems – at a level that moderately or severely interfered with their lives.

The ECB stressed that employees can make use of its mental and physical health support services. Photo: Alex Kraus/Bloomberg

The staff committee said that favouritism and failure to respect equal opportunities; workload and working hours; leadership practices; and dignity at work were the main causes of these results.

An ECB spokesman said measures had been put in place to address the problems identified earlier and more were planned to address issues such as workload and career opportunities.

We do not tolerate any inappropriate behaviour and are reviewing and improving our internal reporting, investigation and discipline framework.“They assured after emphasizing that they take the health and well-being of their staff very seriously.

The organisation also stressed that employees can make use of its mental and physical health support services and recalled that, according to its 2024 survey, 85% of employees are proud to work for the ECB.


Source: Gestion

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