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Beef producers on donkey meat exports: “The amount to be exported is minimal”

Following the announcement by the Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Elizabeth Galdo, on the export of donkey meat to China, the president of the National Association of Beef Producers, John Chauca, referred to this issue, emphasizing that it is viable, but in its dimension it is controversial due to the amount that is expected to be exported. “It is viable because there is some meat, but in its importance and dimension it is controversial… The amount of meat that can be produced and exported is minimal“, he claimed.

Donkey meat production is almost extinct

In this line, the president of the National Association of Beef ProducersJohn Chauca, clarified that the production of donkey meat is almost exterminated in the southern part of Peru, except for the northern part in regions such as Piura and Cajamarca, this is because there is a clear difference with the production of cattle. “In the northern part (Piura and Cajamarca) there is a little more than in the southern part, in the southern part it is almost exterminated, there is very little. In addition, there are very few slaughterhouses nationwide, there are 4 or 5 slaughterhouses for horses versus 280 for cattle,” he said to Canal N.

Along those lines, he pointed out that donkey skin was in high demand, but this was before the pandemic. “I understand that donkey skin was exported to Asian countries before the pandemic.”

Export of donkey meat to China is already planned

According to Chauca, what was stated by the head of Foreign Trade and TourismElizabeth Galdo, had already seen this before, this is because to address an issue such as meat export is not easy, it is necessary to comply with the protocols required by the country where this meat is expected to be sent. “I understand that this issue of donkey meat has been discussed before, because to export is not easy, they need to comply with the health protocols they ask for, we as a country have a certificate that gives us a certain advantage,” she commented.

He added that in Asian countries it is customary to consume this type of meat, so it would be beneficial to establish trade ties in this regard. “China is an important country because it moves meat in the world.”

In Peru, donkey meat is controversial

According to Chauca, Peru’s meat is not used for consumption or for sale, but rather as a means of transport. “In Peru, donkey and equine meat is considered to be discarded animals. It is not produced for consumption or sale as meat, but rather for loading and transport, so its current use is decreasing due to current means of transport,” he commented.

Ministry of Tourism and Foreign Trade plans to export donkey meat to China

Following a series of technical negotiations between the General Administration of Customs of China (GACC) and the SNational Agricultural Health Service of Peru (SENASA)last Friday, June 28, an agreement was reached to sign the health protocols that will allow the export of donkeys and their derived products to the Chinese market.

The Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur), Elizabeth Galdo, clarified that they would be thinking of exporting products that previously did not enter China, including vegetables, even donkey meat.

“By signing phytosanitary agreements, some additional rules have been established to clarify and ensure that products that were not allowed to enter China before can enter China. For example, vegetables. Some people find it funny, but donkey meat is in demand in China and is one of the products that is also being exported. We have to produce what is in demand and where there is a possibility,” said Galdo, in statements to Canal N.

Source: Larepublica

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