British police arrested on Wednesday man suspected of having murdered with a crossbow The wife and two daughters of a BBC presenter were found in Bushey, outside London, the authorities said in a statement. After several hours of searching, The suspect, Kyle Clifford, 26, was found near a cemetery in north London with “injuries” and was taken to a hospital for medical treatment.

Police said the suspect had been found with his injuries and that he did not fire any shots at Clifford. Hertfordshire Crime Unit Inspector Justine Jenkins said the investigation was ongoing.along with the “formal identification” of the victims: Carol Hunt, 61, and sisters Hannah and Louise Hunt, 28 and 25, wife and daughters of John Hunt, horse racing presenter on BBC Radio 5, according to the BBC itself.

Jenkins said the premature release of the victims’ names “upset the families at a time when they needed space to come to terms with the loss” and confirmed that Clifford is currently the only suspect in the case.

According to statements to the press by Detective Chief Jon Simpson, Initial investigations indicate that the attack was deliberate and was aimed at the three deceased people. According to the newspaper ‘The Sun’, the suspect would be an ex-boyfriend of one of the murdered girls. According to Simpson, The women were attacked with a crossbow although “other weapons could have been used.”

Following the news, the BBC described the murders as “totally devastating.” “Our thoughts are with John and his family at this incredibly difficult time and we will give him all the support we can,” the British broadcaster added in a statement. John Hunt had apparently been working at the BBC yesterday and had called the emergency services when he returned home in the evening.