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The American wanted to check the Poles. He left his bag on the market in Krakow

The American wanted to check the Poles. He left his bag on the market in Krakow

An American visiting Krakow tested the honesty of Poles. “Is Poland safe? We believe so, but we decided to check it out,” he declared on Instagram and conducted the test in the city center.

Travelers and bloggers from America recently visited Poland. On their TikTok profile, they reported various interesting facts about our country, recommended restaurants and hotels to their followers. As they said, one of them could even be a setting for a Wes Anderson movie. As part of the experiment, they also tested the honesty of Poles. For an hour, one of the team members left his bag on the Main Square and watched to see if passers-by would be interested in it. Everything was recorded by a hidden camera.

An American in Krakow checks the honesty of Poles

“Is Krakow safe? We believe so, but we decided to put it to the test. On a summer day, we left a bag unattended for an hour on the bustling Main Market Square. Will it survive or will it be stolen?” – we read under the video by the creator of the “Goodtime Monty” profile.

The place they chose was not accidental. Every day, crowds of tourists and locals pass by there. The bag lay among them and for an hour no one paid any attention to it. Only a teenager picked it up, thinking it belonged to one of the participants of the school trip. However, when it turned out that she had not found the owner, she put the item back. “Poland is a very safe country,” the author of the recording summed up.

Safety in Krakow. Tourists share their experiences

The test he conducted stirred up a lot of emotions. The video was followed by over 100 comments in which tourists shared their own experiences. “Once, my phone fell out of my bag in the park. I quickly realized it and came back 10 minutes later, but the phone was gone. A friend called my number and it turned out that someone had taken it to the nearest police station”, “Once, I left my phone in a cafe in Krakow. I realized it 15 minutes later. When I called my number, the barista answered. I got it back without a problem”, “I lost my keys near the Wawel Royal Castle. They were still there three days later” – we read.

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