The exchanges of shots between Hezbollah and Israel have increased tension on the Lebanese border, while the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu has issued a direct threat to his northern neighbors. “Once the intense phase in Gaza is over, we will move part of the forces to the north. And we will do it,” Netanyahu declared.

Israel has pointed out Beirut airport as a key target, accusing Hezbollah of using it to store Iranian weapons, ‘The Telegraph’ reported. For Lebanon, this infrastructure is vital, and its destruction could have serious humanitarian consequences. “If it is left without an airport, Lebanon will have no way to import products. It would be serious on a humanitarian level,” warned Blas Moreno, co-director of ‘El Orden Mundial’, in statements to ‘Al Rojo Vivo’.

The Israeli defense minister, Yoav Gallant, has traveled to Washington to try to convince his allies to support phase ‘C’ of the war, an offensive in Lebanon. However, in the White House, the idea is considered risky. “Hezbollah is a much more powerful militia than Hamas. It has missiles to reach all of Israel and has the support of militias in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, who would gladly join the battle against Israel,” Moreno said.

If Netanyahu decides to attack, he will face a modern army, with 50,000 troops and a considerable arsenal. Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah’s leader, has made clear that his group is prepared to respond without restraint. “In case a war is imposed, the resistance will fight without restrictions, rules and limits,” Nasrallah said.