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That’s almost certain.  The largest “white gold” mine in Europe will be built

That’s almost certain. The largest “white gold” mine in Europe will be built

That’s almost certain.  The largest “white gold” mine in Europe will be built

The President of Serbia, Alaksandar Vuciæ, is preparing consent to open a lithium mine, also known as “white gold”, in the country – the Financial Times reported on Sunday. The plant is to be the largest in all of Europe. Mining consents were first issued in 2022, but were then withdrawn. Environmentalists oppose the construction of the mine.

Good news about the construction of a lithium mine in Serbia. – President Aleksandar Vučić announced that he is preparing consent for the Rio Tinto mining company. This is the green light for the construction of the largest lithium mine in Europe, two years after Belgrade canceled the project, he wrote on Sunday.

The largest lithium mine in Europe will be built. The President of Serbia is preparing the consent

Alaksandar Vučić assured in an interview with the British daily that “new guarantees” from the global mining giant Rio Tinto and the European Union are sufficient to calm Serbia’s concerns about the environmental standards that the mine in the Jadar Valley in Serbia will meet. The president added that if all deadlines are met and “everything goes according to our plan”, the mine could be opened in 2028.

quotes an excerpt from Rio Tinto’s statement on Sunday: “We believe that the Jadar Valley project has the potential to become a world-class asset that can act as a catalyst for the development of the EV (electric vehicle) value chain in Serbia.” The agency recalls that lithium is considered a key material in the European Union and the United States, especially as a component of batteries in electric vehicles and batteries in mobile devices. Mining in Serbia can cover 90%. Europe’s current demand for lithium and make Rio Tinto the leading producer of the raw material in the world.

Serbia. Two years ago, Rio Tinto lost its permits to mine lithium

The British-Australian company sought to extract the raw material from 2021. “The mine development plan envisages the occupation of an area of ​​over 2,000 hectares, with 28 villages located there. Many agreements concluded between the government and Rio Tinto have not been published, which proves the lack of transparency of cooperation and raises suspicions of corruption,” they wrote then protesting against the construction of a lithium mine in Serbia. The then Prime Minister, Ana Brnabic, withdrew the consents issued in January 2022, announced the suspension of the project and “ending the Rio Tinto topic”.

In May, we wrote that lithium deposits in the Jadar Valley constitute up to 1.3 percent. all its resources in the world. – In terms of value, it is approximately EUR 4 billion – inform researchers from the Economist Intelligence Unit. The raw material is called “white gold” due to its color. Mining can provide many jobs and support the production of batteries for electric cars. We write more about this topic in the text above.

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