Teresa Ribera will be the socialist candidate for the European elections next June 9. The PSOE itself confirmed this this Wednesday, after weeks of speculation about the future of the third vice president and minister for the Ecological Transition. Thus, in a statement, the Federal Executive Commission of the party has indicated that it has decided propose Ribera to lead the list electoral in the European Parliament elections, a proposal that the Federal Committee will vote on next Saturday.

The socialists defend that, with the election of Ribera as a candidate, “they ratify their commits to leading the energy transition in Europe”, citing milestones of his administration such as the so-called ‘iberian exception‘ to stop the rise in energy prices, the approval of the first Climate Change law in Spain, the electricity market reform agreed during the Spanish presidency of the EU or its role in the Dubai Climate Summit to reach an agreement on fossil fuels.

The statement also maintains that, as a candidate, the until now vice president and minister “will continue to stop retardation temptations or the rejection of the green agenda by the rightdefending maximum ambition and social justice in climate policies and development of renewable energies as engines of the success of the European Union.”

Likewise, the PSOE presents Ribera as “a person capable of achieving consensus”vindicating in this sense the agreements reached with the Junta de Andalucía regarding Doñana or with the Region of Murcia in relation to the Mar Menorcommunities both governed by the Popular Party.

Ribera herself has stated through her social networks that she is “an honor to be proposed to top the list from the PSOE to the European Parliament, following in the footsteps of Josep Borrell”, current head of community diplomacy, whom he has defined as a “great example for everyone.” “We want more Europe, more fair and supportive, more social, green and feminist. We know that this is the agenda that guarantees progress and well-being,” he claimed.

Last March, Ribera already opened the door to take the leap into European politics during his speech at Metafuturo. “I am a woman of the world, I like what I do, I believe that what I am doing is very important and I am available for whatever is required at any time,” he expressed then, although at that time he defended that his role was “here”, with the Government of Pedro Sánchez.