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A sudden disaster in Mi³osz K³eczek’s show.  “You are very hypocritical”

A sudden disaster in Mi³osz K³eczek’s show. “You are very hypocritical”

Mi³osz K³eczek does not shock as often as he did when he was a TVP star. But during the last edition of his program on Republika TV, there was a sudden argument. When a Leftist politician accused him of lacking journalistic independence, the Sakiewicz station employee did not mince his words.

Miłosz Kłeczek began his media conquest on the now defunct TVN Meteo and Superstacja channels. In the latter he became famous, among others, an interview with a masseuse, whom he asked about aphrodisiacs. When the so-called a good change, the presenter quickly found his place in her new ranks. He became a parliamentary reporter for TVP’s “Wiadomości” and later hosted many journalistic programs on TVP Info, in which he became famous for his biased comments.

Kłeczek couldn’t stand it when he heard about Kurski. “TVP was experiencing a renaissance then”

Now the showman of the former national media has his program in the “house of freedom of speech”, i.e. the right-wing TV station Republika. The last edition of “Miłosz Kłeczek invites…” featured PiS MEP Jadwiga Wiśniewska and spokesman of the Polish Socialist Party Jakub Pietrzak.

A politician representing the Left sarcastically suggested that Jacek Kurski, Daniel Obajtek, Maciej Wąsik and Mariusz Kamiński could be elected to the European Parliament “for their services to Poland”. Miłosz Kłeczek then got angry. He decided to play the role of a lawyer and defended his former boss.

You know, Jacek Kurski, these are my years of work at Telewizja Polska, which was then experiencing a renaissance. It had huge viewership, but today it is scraping by and is in liquidation. People complain that they are not paid even though they are from your new breed. Pseudo-independent journalists. You don’t pay them either. So what are you talking about? – said Kłeczek.

Kłeczek works at a station showing “real Polish news”. And for him the most important thing is the “Polish raison d’état”

The PPS spokesman was also not indebted to the star of the Sakiewicz station and immediately launched a counterargument. – Don’t dress up like an independent journalist here, because it doesn’t make much sense. The Lord is involved. You have the right to do this on private television… – replied Pietrzak.

– No, I can say whatever I like. I run the program my way. However, please do not attribute political involvement to me, because I always set myself one goal – the goal is the Polish raison d’état – said an employee of TV Republika. – The goal is truth. The goal is to show the hypocrisy of politicians, because you are very hypocritical in many cases. Also your colleagues from the Left, he added.

Pietrzak responded by accusing Kłeczek of “pointing out only one side’s hypocrisy,” but then another discussion began about the government of the United Right ruling the country. A politician from the Left and an employee of a right-wing station here also could not reach an agreement.

Source: Gazeta

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