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López Obrador: US does not respect sovereignty due to report on violence in Mexico

López Obrador: US does not respect sovereignty due to report on violence in Mexico

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obradoraccused the United States this Tuesday of “not respecting sovereignty” of the country for the annual report on human rights of the State Department, which denounced violence and impunity in Mexico.

They are not used to respecting the sovereignty of the people. Yesterday, for example, the State Department issued a resolution saying that human rights are violated in Mexico and they position themselves as the judges of the world.“said the president in his morning conference.

The Mexican president reacted to the report from Washington, which on Monday accused Mexico of leaving the majority of criminal cases such as homicides, torture, kidnappings, human trafficking and extortion without investigating or prosecuting, thus increasing the levels of violence and exploitation in the country remained high.

The periodical concludes that there has been “nosignificant changes” in the human rights situation in Mexico and specifies that, in many parts of the country, organizations dedicated to human trafficking continue to act in collusion with local authorities.

López Obrador responded that in his Government “They are respectful of them“, hence “they should be respectful”.

We don’t tell them: and why do you have a candidate harassing you in court? And why do you allocate billions of dollars for war? And why don’t you release (Julian) Assange (founder of Wikileaks), who has been unjustly imprisoned?“, he explained.

He also accused US authorities of “not caring for young people in the United States who die from drug addiction, fentanyl” and of “repress and mistreat migrants”.

We do not issue a letter of good conduct because it is not our responsibility, but they remained with the mania of 200 years ago, since the Monroe Doctrine. Hopefully that will change because it doesn’t help them, they are stagnant in the management of foreign policy, with all due respect.“, term.

The tension between Mexico and the United States grows in 2024, when the presidential elections in both countries coincide.

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